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Meaning: bone

Ho rotto un osso della mia mano.

I broke a bone in my hand.

Meaning: core

L'osso dell'argomento è molto interessante.

The core of the argument is very interesting.

Meaning: stubborn person

Mio zio è un osso duro.

My uncle is a stubborn person.

Meaning: hardship

La vita mi ha dato molti ossi da rosicchiare.

Life has given me many hardships to chew on.


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A1: L'osso è duro.

The bone is hard.

A1: Il cane ha un osso.

The dog has a bone.

A1: Ho bisogno di un osso per la zuppa.

I need a bone for the soup.

B1: Mia nonna fa un brodo di ossa di pollo.

My grandmother makes chicken broth with bones.

B1: Dopo aver mangiato l'osso, il cane si è addormentato.

After eating the bone, the dog fell asleep.

B1: Gli archeologi hanno scoperto degli antichi resti di ossa umane.

Archaeologists discovered ancient human bone remains.

C1: La frattura dell'osso richiede un intervento chirurgico.

The bone fracture requires surgery.

C1: L'osso è composto principalmente da calcio e fosforo.

Bone is mainly composed of calcium and phosphorus.

C1: La malattia delle ossa fragili colpisce principalmente le persone anziane.

Brittle bone disease mainly affects elderly people.

Advanced Description

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The word 'osso' in Italian translates to 'bone' in English. It is a noun that refers to the hard, dense connective tissue found in the bodies of vertebrates.

Bones serve several important functions in the body, including providing support and protection for organs, producing blood cells, storing minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and enabling movement through the attachment of muscles.

In Italian cuisine, 'osso' is commonly used to refer to bone-in cuts of meat, such as 'osso buco', which is a traditional Milanese dish made with braised veal shanks.

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