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Ovest is an Italian noun which translates to 'west' in English. It refers to the direction that is opposite to the east and towards which the sun sets.

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Meaning: west

Il sole tramonta a ovest.

The sun sets in the west.

Meaning: western

Mi piace guardare i film western.

I enjoy watching western movies.

Meaning: left

Gira a sinistra all'ovest della strada.

Turn left at the west side of the road.


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A1: L'ovest è la direzione opposta all'est.

A1: West is the opposite direction of east.

A1: Il sole tramonta a ovest.

A1: The sun sets in the west.

A1: La casa si trova a ovest del parco.

A1: The house is located west of the park.

B1: Domani andrò a trovare mio cugino che vive ad ovest della città.

B1: Tomorrow I will go visit my cousin who lives west of the city.

B1: Durante il viaggio, abbiamo attraversato diverse regioni dell'ovest italiano.

B1: During the trip, we crossed several regions in western Italy.

B2: Sono appena tornato da un lungo soggiorno all'estero e ho deciso di stabilirmi nell'ovest del paese.

B2: I just returned from a long stay abroad and decided to settle in the west of the country.

C1: L'ovest è una delle quattro principali direzioni cardinali sulla bussola.

C1: West is one of the four main cardinal directions on the compass.

C1: Nell'antica Roma, l'ovest era associato al concetto di declino e morte.

C1: In ancient Rome, the west was associated with the concept of decline and death.

C2: L'ovest è spesso considerato il punto cardinale del tramonto e simboleggia la fine di un giorno.

C2: West is often considered the cardinal point of sunset and symbolizes the end of a day.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, ovest is a commonly used word for indicating the western direction. It is often used in giving directions or describing the location of a place. For instance, if someone wants to go to a place located towards the west, they would be told to head towards ovest.

The word ovest has its roots in Latin, where it was spelled as 'obest'. The term was derived from two words - 'ob', meaning 'towards', and 'solis', meaning 'sun'. Therefore, ovest literally means 'towards the setting sun'.

Apart from being used to indicate a direction, ovest is also used in various idiomatic expressions in Italian. For example, 'andare all'ovest' means 'to go bankrupt' or 'to fail miserably'. Similarly, 'il selvaggio Ovest' means 'the Wild West', which is a reference to the American frontier during the 19th century.

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