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Padre is an Italian noun that translates to 'father' in English. It refers to a male parent or a figure of authority and guidance within the family structure.

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Meaning: father (male parent)

Mio padre è un uomo gentile.

My father is a kind man.

Meaning: priest

Il padre ha celebrato la messa.

The priest celebrated the mass.

Meaning: founder

Steve Jobs è considerato il padre dell'iPhone.

Steve Jobs is considered the father of the iPhone.

Meaning: originator

Leonardo da Vinci è il padre della pittura rinascimentale.

Leonardo da Vinci is the father of Renaissance painting.

Meaning: parental figure

Il mio insegnante di scuola elementare era come un secondo padre per me.

My elementary school teacher was like a second father to me.


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A1: Mio padre è un insegnante.

My father is a teacher.

A1: Il mio amico ha un padre molto gentile.

My friend has a very kind father.

A1: Ho comprato un regalo per il mio padre.

I bought a gift for my father.

B1: Mia sorella ha chiamato nostro padre ieri sera.

My sister called our father last night.

B1: Quando ero giovane, mio padre mi portava sempre al parco.

When I was young, my father always took me to the park.

B2: Spero che mio padre abbia una buona giornata di lavoro oggi.

I hope my father has a good day at work today.

C1: Mio padre è stato un grande esempio di perseveranza nella mia vita.

My father has been a great example of perseverance in my life.

C1: Non vedo l'ora di passare del tempo con mio padre durante le vacanze estive.

I can't wait to spend time with my father during the summer holidays.

C2: Mio padre mi ha insegnato l'importanza della famiglia e dei valori morali.

My father taught me the importance of family and moral values.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the role of the padre is highly regarded and respected. The father is seen as the head of the household and is responsible for providing for his family both financially and emotionally. He is expected to be a strong and supportive figure for his children, offering guidance and wisdom as they navigate life's challenges.

The term padre can also refer to religious figures such as priests or pastors. In this context, it carries additional connotations of spiritual guidance and leadership within the community. These padres are often looked up to as moral authorities and play an important role in shaping the values and beliefs of their congregations.

Overall, the word padre represents a powerful symbol of familial and societal authority in Italian culture. Whether referring to a biological father or a spiritual leader, the concept of the padre embodies qualities such as strength, wisdom, and guidance that are highly valued by Italians.

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