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Paese is an Italian noun that translates to 'country' or 'village'.

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Meaning: country

L'Italia è un bellissimo paese.

Italy is a beautiful country.

Meaning: village

Ho trascorso le vacanze in un piccolo paese di montagna.

I spent my holidays in a small mountain village.

Meaning: land

La terra è il nostro paese comune.

The land is our common country.

Meaning: people

Il paese si è unito per celebrare la vittoria della squadra di calcio.

The people came together to celebrate the football team's victory.

Meaning: region

La Toscana è una bellissima regione del paese.

Tuscany is a beautiful region of the country.


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A1: Il mio paese preferito è l'Italia.

My favorite country is Italy.

A1: Vado in paese per comprare il pane.

I go to the village to buy bread.

A1: Abito in un piccolo paese di montagna.

I live in a small mountain village.

B1: Ho visitato molti paesi durante il mio viaggio in Europa.

I visited many countries during my trip to Europe.

B1: Mia sorella sta studiando lo sviluppo dei paesi africani.

My sister is studying the development of African countries.

B1: Nel paese dove sono cresciuto, tutti si conoscono.

In the town where I grew up, everyone knows each other.

C1: La politica estera del nostro paese ha subito un cambiamento radicale negli ultimi anni.

The foreign policy of our country has undergone a radical change in recent years.

C1: Il paese sta affrontando una grave crisi economica.

The country is facing a serious economic crisis.

C1: Sono orgoglioso della cultura e delle tradizioni del mio paese.

I am proud of the culture and traditions of my country.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word paese can refer to either a country or a village depending on the context. When used in reference to a nation, it typically refers to Italy itself, as in 'il mio paese' (my country). However, when used in reference to a small town or community, it can mean 'village' or 'town', as in 'il paese dove sono nato' (the village where I was born).

The concept of paese is deeply ingrained in Italian culture and society. Many Italians have strong ties to their paese d'origine (hometown) and often return there for holidays or retirements. The sense of community and belonging associated with one's paese is also reflected in Italian politics, where local governments hold significant power and influence.

Overall, the word paese represents both a physical place and a cultural identity in Italy. It embodies the idea of a close-knit community and a shared history and heritage. Whether referring to a small village or the entire nation, paese is an important part of Italian language and culture.

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