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Meaning: ball

Gioca a calcio con la palla.

He plays soccer with the ball.

Meaning: bullet

La palla ha colpito il bersaglio.

The bullet hit the target.

Meaning: globe

Il bambino guarda il mondo sulla palla del mondo.

The child looks at the world on the globe.

Meaning: sphere

La palla rotola giù per la collina.

The sphere rolls down the hill.

Meaning: testicle

Il giocatore di rugby è stato colpito nelle palle.

The rugby player got hit in the testicles.


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A1: La palla è rossa.

The ball is red.

A1: Gioco con la palla nel parco.

I play with the ball in the park.

A1: Ho comprato una nuova palla da calcio.

I bought a new soccer ball.

B1: Ho tirato la palla verso il portiere.

I kicked the ball towards the goalkeeper.

B1: La palla rotola lungo la collina.

The ball rolls down the hill.

B2: I bambini stavano giocando a calcio quando la palla è finita nel fiume.

The children were playing soccer when the ball ended up in the river.

C1: Dopo aver colpito la palla, ha segnato un gol spettacolare.

After hitting the ball, he scored a spectacular goal.

C1: La squadra avversaria ha preso possesso della palla e ha iniziato un contropiede veloce.

The opposing team took possession of the ball and started a fast counterattack.

C2: Il calciatore ha effettuato un tiro al volo che ha mandato la palla in rete.

The football player made a volley shot that sent the ball into the net.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'palla' in Italian translates to 'ball' in English. It refers to a round object used in various sports and games.

In Italy, 'palla' is commonly associated with the sport of football (soccer). The term is often used to describe the ball used in this popular sport, which is typically made of leather or synthetic materials.

Additionally, 'palla' can also refer to a ball used in other sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more. It is a versatile term that encompasses different types of balls used for recreational activities.

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