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"particolarmente" means "particularly" in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: particularly

Mi piace particolarmente questo ristorante.

I particularly like this restaurant.

Meaning: especially

Sono particolarmente felice oggi.

I am especially happy today.

Meaning: specifically

Ho bisogno di un libro particolarmente interessante da leggere durante le vacanze.

I need a specifically interesting book to read during the holidays.

Meaning: unusually

La temperatura è particolarmente alta per questa stagione dell'anno.

The temperature is unusually high for this time of year.

Meaning: remarkably

È una persona particolarmente intelligente.

He/she is a remarkably intelligent person.


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A1: Sono particolarmente felice oggi.

A1: I am particularly happy today.

A1: Mi piace particolarmente il gelato al cioccolato.

A1: I particularly like chocolate ice cream.

A1: Ho bisogno di un vestito particolarmente elegante per la festa.

A1: I need a particularly elegant dress for the party.

B1: Questo libro è particolarmente interessante.

B1: This book is particularly interesting.

B1: La mia amica è particolarmente brava a suonare il pianoforte.

B1: My friend is particularly good at playing the piano.

B1: La situazione sta diventando particolarmente complicata.

B1: The situation is becoming particularly complicated.

C1: Il film ha suscitato un interesse particolarmente forte nel pubblico.

C1: The movie has generated a particularly strong interest among the audience.

C1: La sua performance è stata particolarmente impressionante.

C1: His performance was particularly impressive.

C1: La scienza sta facendo progressi particolarmente significativi in questo campo.

C1: Science is making particularly significant progress in this field.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "particolarmente" is an Italian adverb that is commonly used in everyday conversation. It is derived from the adjective "particolare", which means "particular" or "specific". When used as an adverb, "particolarmente" adds emphasis to a statement or action, indicating that something is done in a specific or notable way.

For example, if someone says "Mi piace particolarmente questo ristorante", it means "I particularly like this restaurant". In this context, the use of "particolarmente" emphasizes the speaker's strong preference for the restaurant, highlighting that it stands out among others.

Overall, "particolarmente" is a versatile word that can be used to express intensity, specificity, or distinction in various situations. It adds nuance and emphasis to the speaker's message, allowing them to convey their thoughts and feelings more precisely.

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