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Meaning: break

Ho bisogno di una pausa dal lavoro.

I need a break from work.

Meaning: pause

Facciamo una pausa e riprendiamo dopo.

Let's take a pause and resume later.

Meaning: rest

Dopo una lunga giornata, mi prendo una pausa per riposare.

After a long day, I take a rest to relax.

Meaning: interval

La pausa tra i due spettacoli è di venti minuti.

The interval between the two shows is twenty minutes.

Meaning: comma

Non dimenticare di mettere una pausa prima della congiunzione.

Don't forget to put a comma before the conjunction.


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A1: Ho bisogno di una pausa.

A1: I need a break.

A1: Facciamo una pausa per pranzo.

A1: Let's take a break for lunch.

A1: Dopo il lavoro, mi prendo sempre una pausa.

A1: After work, I always take a break.

B1: Mi sono preso una breve pausa prima di continuare il lavoro.

B1: I took a short break before continuing the work.

B1: Durante la pausa, ho incontrato un amico al bar.

B1: During the break, I met a friend at the bar.

B1: Non vedo l'ora che arrivi la pausa estiva.

B1: I can't wait for the summer break to come.

C1: Dopo aver lavorato per ore senza sosta, decisi di concedermi una lunga pausa.

C1: After working tirelessly for hours, I decided to treat myself to a long break.

C1: La pausa pranzo è il momento ideale per rilassarsi e ricaricare le energie.

C1: Lunch break is the ideal time to relax and recharge.

C1: Durante la pausa, ho colto l'occasione per riflettere sulle mie scelte di carriera.

C1: During the break, I took the opportunity to reflect on my career choices.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'pausa' translates to 'pause' in English. It refers to a temporary stop or break in an activity or process.

In various contexts, 'pausa' can have different meanings. For example, in music, it indicates a brief period of silence within a musical piece. In the workplace, 'pausa' is commonly used to describe a short break taken by employees during their working hours.

Additionally, 'pausa' can also refer to a pause in speech or conversation, where someone stops speaking momentarily before continuing their train of thought.

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