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Meaning: pension (retirement benefit)

Mio nonno riceve una pensione ogni mese.

My grandfather receives a pension every month.

Meaning: boarding house

Ho prenotato una pensione per il mio soggiorno a Roma.

I booked a boarding house for my stay in Rome.

Meaning: pension (payment for accommodation)

La pensione include la colazione e la cena.

The pension includes breakfast and dinner.


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A1: La pensione è un tipo di alloggio economico.

A1: A pension is a type of affordable accommodation.

A1: Mia nonna vive in una pensione per anziani.

A1: My grandmother lives in a retirement home.

A2: Ho prenotato una camera in una pensione vicino alla spiaggia.

A2: I booked a room in a guesthouse near the beach.

B1: Durante le vacanze, preferisco soggiornare in una pensione familiare.

B1: During holidays, I prefer to stay in a family-run guesthouse.

B1: Abbiamo deciso di andare in pensione anticipatamente.

B1: We have decided to retire early.

B2: Quando ero giovane, lavoravo come cameriere in una pensione di montagna.

B2: When I was young, I worked as a waiter in a mountain guesthouse.

C1: Dopo aver accumulato abbastanza risparmi, sono riuscito ad acquistare una pensione sul lago.

C1: After saving enough money, I managed to buy a lakeside guesthouse.

C1: Il proprietario della pensione ha deciso di ampliare la struttura per accogliere più ospiti.

C1: The owner of the guesthouse decided to expand the facility to accommodate more guests.

C2: La pensione di mia madre è diventata una meta turistica molto popolare grazie alla sua posizione panoramica.

C2: My mother's guesthouse has become a very popular tourist destination thanks to its panoramic location.

Advanced Description

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The word "pensione" is an Italian noun that refers to a type of accommodation, typically found in Italy and other European countries. It can be translated as "boarding house" or "guesthouse" in English.

A pensione is usually a small family-run establishment that offers rooms for rent to travelers. These accommodations are often located in historic buildings or traditional houses, providing guests with a charming and authentic experience.

Pensiones are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, where guests can enjoy personalized service and interact with the owners and other travelers. They often include breakfast in the room rate and may offer additional services such as laundry facilities or communal areas for socializing.

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