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Perdere is an Italian verb that means 'to lose' or 'to miss'. It refers to the act of no longer having something or someone that was previously possessed, or failing to achieve a goal or opportunity.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to lose

Ho perso le chiavi di casa.

I lost the keys to my house.

Meaning: to miss

Mi sono persa l'inizio del film.

I missed the beginning of the movie.

Meaning: to waste

Non perdere tempo!

Don't waste time!

Meaning: to miss out on

Hai perso una grande opportunità.

You missed out on a great opportunity.

Meaning: to let go of

Devi perdere il controllo per trovare la pace interiore.

You have to let go of control to find inner peace.



  • io perdo
  • tu perdi
  • lui/lei perde
  • noi perdiamo
  • voi perdete
  • loro perdono


  • io ho perso
  • tu hai perso
  • lui/lei ha perso
  • noi abbiamo perso
  • voi avete perso
  • loro hanno perso


  • io perderò
  • tu perderai
  • lui/lei perderà
  • noi perderemo
  • voi perderete
  • loro perderanno


  • io avevo perso
  • tu avevi perso
  • lui/lei aveva perso
  • noi avevamo perso
  • voi avevate perso
  • loro avevano perso

Simple Past

  • io persi
  • tu perdesti
  • lui/lei perse
  • noi perdemmo
  • voi perdeste
  • loro persero


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A1: Ho perso le chiavi di casa.

I lost the keys to my house.

A2: Non voglio perdere l'autobus.

I don't want to miss the bus.

A2: Mia sorella ha perso il suo portafoglio.

My sister lost her wallet.

B1: Se non avessi perso il treno, sarei arrivato in tempo.

If I hadn't missed the train, I would have arrived on time.

B2: L'azienda sta perdendo clienti a causa della concorrenza.

The company is losing customers due to competition.

B2: Dopo aver perso il lavoro, ha deciso di cambiare carriera.

After losing his job, he decided to change careers.

C1: Spero che tu non abbia mai perso la speranza.

I hope you have never lost hope.

C2: La squadra ha perso la partita a causa di un errore dell'arbitro.

The team lost the game due to a mistake by the referee.

C2: Non si può permettere di perdere altro tempo in questa situazione critica.

We can't afford to waste any more time in this critical situation.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Perdere is a commonly used verb in Italian language and can be used in various contexts. It can refer to losing physical objects such as keys, wallets, or phones, as well as abstract concepts such as time, opportunities, or chances. For example, 'Ho perso il mio portafoglio' means 'I lost my wallet', while 'Ho perso l'occasione di studiare all'estero' means 'I missed the opportunity to study abroad'.

The verb perdere is also used in sports to indicate a defeat or loss in a game or competition. For instance, 'La squadra ha perso la partita' means 'The team lost the game'. Additionally, it can be used to express missing someone or something that is far away or no longer present. For example, 'Mi manchi da morire quando sei via' means 'I miss you so much when you're away'.

It's important to note that perdere is an irregular verb and its conjugation varies depending on the tense and subject pronoun. Some common forms of perdere include perdo (present tense), persi (past tense), and perderò (future tense). Learning the proper conjugation of this verb is essential for anyone who wants to communicate effectively in Italian.

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