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Persona is an Italian noun that refers to a human being, an individual or a person.

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Meaning: person

Questa persona è molto gentile.

This person is very kind.

Meaning: character

Il protagonista del film è una persona affascinante.

The protagonist of the movie is a fascinating character.

Meaning: individual

Ogni persona ha i propri gusti e preferenze.

Every individual has their own tastes and preferences.

Meaning: human being

La persona è l'unica specie animale dotata di ragione.

The human being is the only animal species endowed with reason.

Meaning: someone

C'è una persona che ti vuole parlare al telefono.

There is someone who wants to talk to you on the phone.


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A1: Sono una persona gentile.

I am a kind person.

A1: Ho incontrato una persona interessante oggi.

I met an interesting person today.

A1: La mia migliore amica è una persona affidabile.

My best friend is a reliable person.

B1: Questa persona ha vissuto in molti paesi diversi.

This person has lived in many different countries.

B1: La persona che ho intervistato era molto preparata.

The person I interviewed was very prepared.

B1: Mia madre è una persona molto socievole e ama fare nuove amicizie.

My mother is a very sociable person and loves making new friends.

C1: La persona che mi ha aiutato era un esperto nel suo campo.

The person who helped me was an expert in their field.

C1: Come posso diventare una persona di successo?

How can I become a successful person?

C1: È importante rispettare le opinioni delle altre persone, anche se non siamo d'accordo con loro.

It is important to respect other people's opinions, even if we do not agree with them.

Advanced Description

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The word persona is commonly used in Italian language to refer to a human being, regardless of gender, age or social status. It is a term that encompasses the entire spectrum of individuals who make up society, from the richest to the poorest, from the most powerful to the most vulnerable. In this sense, persona is a universal concept that reflects the fundamental value of human life and dignity.

In addition to its general meaning, persona can also have specific connotations depending on the context in which it is used. For example, in psychology and sociology, persona refers to the social mask or facade that individuals present to others in order to conform to social norms and expectations. This concept was first introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and has since been widely studied and applied in various fields.

Overall, persona is a versatile and important word in Italian language that captures the essence of what it means to be human. Whether used in everyday conversation or in academic discourse, it carries significant cultural and historical weight that reflects Italy's rich linguistic heritage.

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