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Pesce is an Italian noun that translates to 'fish' in English.

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Meaning: fish (animal)

Mi piace mangiare il pesce.

I like to eat fish.

Meaning: fish (food)

Il ristorante serve del pesce fresco.

The restaurant serves fresh fish.

Meaning: fish (catch)

Abbiamo pescato molti pesci oggi.

We caught a lot of fish today.

Meaning: fish (shape)

La scultura rappresenta un pesce.

The sculpture represents a fish.


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A1: Il pesce è un animale che vive nell'acqua.

Fish is an animal that lives in water.

A1: Mi piace mangiare il pesce al ristorante.

I like eating fish at the restaurant.

A2: Ho comprato del pesce fresco al mercato.

I bought some fresh fish at the market.

B1: Mia madre cucina il pesce alla griglia per cena stasera.

My mother is grilling fish for dinner tonight.

B1: Abbiamo pescato molti pesci durante la nostra vacanza al mare.

We caught a lot of fish during our vacation at the seaside.

B2: Quando ero bambino, mio nonno mi insegnava a pulire il pesce prima di cucinarlo.

When I was a child, my grandfather taught me how to clean fish before cooking it.

C1: La scorsa settimana ho preparato una zuppa di pesce con ingredienti freschi.

Last week I made a seafood soup with fresh ingredients.

C1: Dopo aver marinato il pesce nel succo di limone, l'ho cotto al vapore per renderlo più tenero.

After marinating the fish in lemon juice, I steamed it to make it more tender.

C2: La pesca sostenibile è fondamentale per preservare le risorse ittiche e l'ecosistema marino.

Sustainable fishing is essential to preserve fish resources and the marine ecosystem.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, pesce is a staple food and a significant part of the country's cuisine. Italians have been fishing for centuries, and their love for seafood is evident in the variety of dishes they prepare with fish. From simple grilled or fried fish to elaborate seafood pasta dishes, pesce is a versatile ingredient that can be cooked in many ways.

The quality of pesce in Italy is exceptional due to the country's long coastline and abundant waters. Italian fishermen use traditional methods to catch fish, such as nets, traps, and hooks, which ensure that the fish are not harmed during the process. This results in fresher and tastier fish that are highly sought after by chefs and consumers alike.

Pesce is also an important symbol in Italian culture and religion. In Christianity, the fish represents Jesus Christ, and it has become a popular motif in art and literature. Additionally, many Italian towns hold annual fish festivals or sagre del pesce, where locals celebrate the abundance of seafood in their region.

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