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Meaning: weight

Il mio peso è di 70 chilogrammi.

My weight is 70 kilograms.

Meaning: currency

Ho bisogno di cambiare i miei euro in peso filippino.

I need to exchange my euros into Philippine pesos.

Meaning: burden

Portare quel pacco pesante è un grande peso per me.

Carrying that heavy package is a great burden for me.

Meaning: pressure

Sento un grande peso sulle mie spalle.

I feel a great pressure on my shoulders.

Meaning: importance

Questo compito ha un grande peso nella mia carriera.

This task holds great importance in my career.


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Il peso della scatola è di 2 chilogrammi.

The weight of the box is 2 kilograms.

Ho perso peso dopo aver iniziato a fare sport.

I lost weight after starting to exercise.

Mio padre ha pesato il pacco prima di spedirlo.

My father weighed the package before sending it.

Il medico mi ha consigliato di perdere peso per migliorare la mia salute.

The doctor advised me to lose weight to improve my health.

La bilancia pesa gli oggetti con precisione.

The scale weighs objects accurately.

Mi piacerebbe sapere quanto pesi l'elefante più grande del mondo.

I would like to know how much the world's largest elephant weighs.

Dopo aver mangiato tanto, mi sento appesantito dal peso dello stomaco pieno.

After eating a lot, I feel weighed down by the heaviness of a full stomach.

Il peso delle responsabilità aziendali può essere molto stressante.

The weight of business responsibilities can be very stressful.

La decisione di chiudere l'azienda ha avuto un peso significativo sulle vite dei dipendenti.

The decision to close the company had a significant impact on the lives of the employees.

Il peso delle aspettative familiari può essere opprimente per alcuni individui.

The burden of family expectations can be overwhelming for some individuals.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun "peso" is an Italian word that translates to "weight" in English. It is commonly used to refer to the measure of how heavy an object or a person is.

In addition to its literal meaning, "peso" can also be used figuratively to express the significance or influence of something. For example, someone might say "Il peso delle sue parole" ("The weight of his words") to emphasize the importance or impact of what someone has said.

It's worth noting that "peso" can also refer to the currency unit in several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico and Argentina. However, in Italian, it primarily denotes the concept of weight.

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