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Meaning: planet

Il pianeta Terra è il terzo pianeta del sistema solare.

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun.

Meaning: world

Viaggiare è un modo per scoprire nuovi mondi.

Traveling is a way to discover new worlds.

Meaning: sphere

La scultura rappresenta un pianeta di vetro.

The sculpture represents a glass sphere.

Meaning: globe

Ho ricevuto un mappamondo come regalo di compleanno.

I received a globe as a birthday present.


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A1: Il pianeta Terra è il terzo pianeta del sistema solare.

A1: Planet Earth is the third planet in the solar system.

A1: I bambini amano guardare i pianeti nel cielo notturno.

A1: Children love to watch the planets in the night sky.

A2: Marte è un pianeta rosso.

A2: Mars is a red planet.

B1: Gli astronomi hanno scoperto un nuovo pianeta nella Via Lattea.

B1: Astronomers have discovered a new planet in the Milky Way.

B1: La sonda spaziale sta esplorando il pianeta Saturno.

B1: The space probe is exploring the planet Saturn.

B2: I ricercatori stanno studiando l'atmosfera di questo pianeta da molti anni.

B2: Researchers have been studying the atmosphere of this planet for many years.

C1: L'esistenza di vita su altri pianeti è ancora un mistero da risolvere.

C1: The existence of life on other planets is still a mystery to be solved.

C1: La missione spaziale ha raggiunto con successo il pianeta più lontano dal nostro sistema solare.

C1: The space mission successfully reached the farthest planet from our solar system.

C2: La scoperta di un nuovo pianeta abitabile ha suscitato grande interesse nella comunità scientifica.

C2: The discovery of a new habitable planet has sparked great interest in the scientific community.

Advanced Description

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The word 'pianeta' in Italian translates to 'planet' in English. It refers to a celestial body that orbits around a star, is spherical in shape, and does not produce its own light. There are eight planets in our solar system, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Planets are an essential part of our universe and play a crucial role in the formation of solar systems. They are formed from the leftover materials after the formation of a star. Planets vary in size, composition, and atmospheric conditions. Some planets have solid surfaces like Earth, while others are gas giants with no solid surface.

The study of planets falls under the field of astronomy. Scientists use telescopes and space probes to observe and gather data about planets. This helps us understand their characteristics, such as their atmosphere, temperature, and potential for supporting life. The exploration of planets beyond our solar system is an active area of research known as exoplanetology.

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