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Pianura is an Italian noun that refers to a plain or flatland, which is a large area of level or gently rolling land.

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Meaning: plain

La pianura è una vasta area di terreno pianeggiante.

The plain is a vast area of flat land.

Meaning: lowland

La pianura è caratterizzata da un paesaggio molto aperto e poco accidentato.

The lowland is characterized by a very open and slightly rugged landscape.

Meaning: prairie

Nelle grandi pianure americane si possono ammirare vasti spazi verdi.

In the great American prairies, you can admire vast green spaces.

Meaning: steppe

Le steppe sono tipiche delle regioni continentali con clima continentale.

Steppes are typical of continental regions with a continental climate.

Meaning: savannah

La savana è una pianura tropicale caratterizzata da erba alta e alberi sparsi.

The savannah is a tropical plain characterized by tall grass and scattered trees.


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A1: La pianura è una zona piatta e senza montagne.

A1: The plain is a flat area without mountains.

A1: La pianura è ideale per coltivare cereali.

A1: The plain is ideal for growing cereals.

A1: Il fiume scorre attraverso la pianura.

A1: The river flows through the plain.

B1: La pianura italiana è famosa per i suoi paesaggi mozzafiato.

B1: The Italian plain is famous for its breathtaking landscapes.

B1: Durante l'estate, la pianura diventa molto calda e afosa.

B1: During the summer, the plain becomes very hot and humid.

B2: Nella pianura si possono trovare numerosi allevamenti di bestiame.

B2: In the plain, you can find numerous livestock farms.

C1: La pianura veneta è caratterizzata da ampie distese di campi coltivati.

C1: The Venetian plain is characterized by vast expanses of cultivated fields.

C1: La pianura padana è una delle principali aree agricole d'Europa.

C1: The Po Valley is one of the main agricultural areas in Europe.

C2: La pianura siberiana è una delle più estese al mondo.

C2: The Siberian plain is one of the largest in the world.

Advanced Description

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Italy is known for its diverse geography, and the pianura is one of the most prominent features of the country. The pianura is a vast expanse of flat or gently rolling land that covers much of northern Italy. It is bordered by the Alps to the north and the Apennine Mountains to the south, and it stretches from the Po River in the west to the Adriatic Sea in the east.

The pianura is an important agricultural region in Italy, as its fertile soil and mild climate make it ideal for growing crops such as wheat, corn, and rice. It is also home to many cities and towns, including Milan, Turin, and Bologna. These urban centers are hubs of industry and commerce, and they contribute significantly to Italy's economy.

Despite its importance to Italy's economy and culture, the pianura faces several challenges. One of the biggest threats to the region is climate change, which has led to more frequent droughts and floods. Additionally, urbanization and industrialization have put pressure on the natural resources of the pianura, leading to concerns about pollution and environmental degradation.

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