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Piede is an Italian noun that translates to 'foot' in English.

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Meaning: foot

Mi fa male il piede.

My foot hurts.

Meaning: base

La statua poggia su un piede di marmo.

The statue rests on a marble base.

Meaning: leg

Ho una gamba più corta dell'altra, quindi devo usare un piede falso.

I have one leg shorter than the other, so I have to use a prosthetic leg.

Meaning: step

Fai attenzione a non inciampare sui piedi della scala.

Be careful not to trip on the steps of the ladder.

Meaning: footprint

I ladri hanno lasciato delle impronte dei loro piedi sulla sabbia.

The thieves left footprints in the sand.


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A1: Ho un piede destro più grande del sinistro.

A1: I have a right foot bigger than the left one.

A1: Mi sono rotto un piede giocando a calcio.

A1: I broke my foot while playing soccer.

A1: Indossa delle scarpe comode per non affaticare i piedi.

A1: Wear comfortable shoes to avoid tiring your feet.

B1: Mia sorella si è fatta male al piede durante la gara di corsa.

B1: My sister hurt her foot during the running race.

B1: Dopo aver camminato tutto il giorno, avevo i piedi doloranti.

B1: After walking all day, my feet were sore.

B1: Mio padre ha sempre avuto un passo sicuro e leggero sui piedi.

B1: My father has always had a confident and light step on his feet.

C1: La ballerina ha eseguito un perfetto arabesque sulle punte dei piedi.

C1: The ballerina performed a perfect arabesque on the tips of her toes.

C1: Il podologo mi ha consigliato di utilizzare plantari personalizzati per correggere l'andatura dei miei piedi.

C1: The podiatrist advised me to use custom orthotics to correct the gait of my feet.

C1: Dopo l'incidente, ha dovuto imparare a camminare di nuovo con le protesi ai piedi.

C1: After the accident, he had to learn to walk again with prosthetics on his feet.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, piede refers specifically to the lower extremity of the leg, including the ankle and toes. It is a common word used in everyday conversation and can be found in various contexts such as anatomy, sports, and fashion.

Understanding the cultural significance of piede in Italy is important for anyone visiting or doing business in the country. Italians place great importance on personal appearance and take pride in their footwear. Therefore, it's not uncommon to see people wearing stylish shoes and boots that complement their outfit.

Additionally, piede plays a significant role in Italian cuisine. Many traditional dishes feature ingredients that are commonly associated with feet, such as tripe and cow's feet. These dishes have been enjoyed by Italians for generations and continue to be popular today.

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