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Meaning: rain

Oggi piove molto.

Today it is raining a lot.

Meaning: shower

Mi faccio una doccia veloce sotto la pioggia.

I take a quick shower under the rain.

Meaning: downpour

La pioggia è stata così intensa che abbiamo dovuto cercare riparo.

The downpour was so intense that we had to seek shelter.

Meaning: rainfall

La pioggia di ieri ha portato un buon quantitativo d'acqua.

Yesterday's rainfall brought a good amount of water.

Meaning: drizzle

Stamattina c'è una leggera pioggia che cade.

This morning there is a light drizzle falling.


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A1: Oggi piove.

Today it's raining.

A1: Mi piace ascoltare il rumore della pioggia.

I like listening to the sound of rain.

A2: La pioggia è fresca.

The rain is cool.

B1: Spero che smetta di piovere presto.

I hope it stops raining soon.

B1: Quando pioverà, porterò l'ombrello.

When it rains, I will bring an umbrella.

B2: Se avessi saputo che sarebbe piovuto, avrei preso un impermeabile.

If I had known it would rain, I would have taken a raincoat.

C1: Dopo che la pioggia si sarà fermata, usciremo per fare una passeggiata.

After the rain stops, we will go out for a walk.

C1: Nonostante la pioggia battente, abbiamo continuato a giocare a calcio.

Despite the pouring rain, we kept playing soccer.

C2: La pioggia torrenziale ha causato allagamenti in diverse parti della città.

The torrential rain caused flooding in several parts of the city.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Pioggia is an Italian noun that translates to 'rain' in English. It refers to the water droplets that fall from the atmosphere to the Earth's surface. Rain is an essential part of the Earth's water cycle and plays a crucial role in sustaining life on our planet.

In Italy, pioggia is a common occurrence, especially during the autumn and winter months. The country experiences a Mediterranean climate, which means it has mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Pioggia is often associated with cooler temperatures and can range from a light drizzle to heavy downpours.

Pioggia is not only important for agriculture and maintaining ecosystems but also has cultural significance in Italy. Rainy days are often seen as an opportunity to stay indoors, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea, and spend time with family and friends. Umbrellas and raincoats are commonly used to protect against pioggia when venturing outside.

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