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Meaning: bat (animal)

Il pipistrello vola di notte.

The bat flies at night.

Meaning: baseball bat

Il giocatore ha colpito la palla con il pipistrello.

The player hit the ball with the baseball bat.

Meaning: cricket bat

Il battitore ha difeso le palle con il pipistrello.

The batsman defended the balls with the cricket bat.


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A1: Il pipistrello vola di notte.

A1: The bat flies at night.

A1: Ho visto un pipistrello nel parco.

A1: I saw a bat in the park.

A2: I pipistrelli sono animali notturni.

A2: Bats are nocturnal animals.

B1: Durante l'estate, i pipistrelli migrano verso climi più caldi.

B1: During the summer, bats migrate to warmer climates.

B1: I bambini hanno costruito un rifugio per i pipistrelli nel giardino.

B1: The children built a shelter for bats in the garden.

B2: I pipistrelli utilizzano l'ecolocalizzazione per cacciare durante la notte.

B2: Bats use echolocation to hunt during the night.

C1: La popolazione di pipistrelli è diminuita a causa della distruzione del loro habitat.

C1: The bat population has decreased due to the destruction of their habitat.

C1: Alcuni tipi di pipistrelli si nutrono principalmente di frutta e ne sono importanti dispersori di semi.

C1: Some types of bats primarily feed on fruit and are important seed dispersers.

C2: La ricerca scientifica ha dimostrato che i pipistrelli svolgono un ruolo cruciale nell'equilibrio degli ecosistemi.

C2: Scientific research has shown that bats play a crucial role in ecosystem balance.

Advanced Description

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Pipistrello is an Italian noun that translates to 'bat' in English. It refers to a small, nocturnal mammal with leathery wings and the ability to fly. Bats are known for their unique adaptations, such as echolocation, which they use to navigate and locate prey in the dark.

In Italy, bats are commonly found in various habitats including forests, caves, and urban areas. They play an important role in the ecosystem as pollinators and insect controllers. There are several species of bats in Italy, with some being protected due to their declining populations.

The word 'pipistrello' can also be used metaphorically in Italian to describe someone who is elusive or mysterious, similar to the characteristics associated with bats. It is often used in literature and poetry to convey a sense of intrigue or enigma.

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