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Poco is an Italian adverb that translates to 'little' or 'not much'. It is used to indicate a small quantity or degree of something.

Part of speech



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Meaning: a small amount, a little

Ho poco tempo per finire il lavoro.

I have little time to finish the work.

Meaning: not much, not very

La cena era poco gustosa.

The dinner was not very tasty.

Meaning: slightly, somewhat

Mi sento poco bene oggi.

I feel somewhat unwell today.

Meaning: barely, hardly

Ha fatto poco per aiutare la situazione.

He did little to help the situation.


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A1: Ho poco denaro.

I have little money.

A1: Bevo poco vino.

I drink little wine.

A1: C'è poco tempo.

There is little time.

B1: Ha lavorato poco quest'anno.

He has worked little this year. (present perfect)

B1: Sono andati in vacanza per poco tempo.

They went on vacation for a short time. (simple past)

B1: Ho capito poco di quello che hai detto.

I understood little of what you said. (present perfect)

C1: Poco si sa sulla vita privata dell'artista.

Little is known about the artist's private life. (passive voice, present tense)

C1: Si è fatto poco per risolvere il problema ambientale.

Little has been done to solve the environmental problem. (passive voice, present tense)

C2: Nonostante abbia studiato molto, ho ancora poco conoscimento della lingua cinese.

Despite having studied a lot, I still have little knowledge of the Chinese language. (subjunctive mood, present perfect)

Advanced Description

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In Italian, poco can be used in various contexts. For example, it can be used to describe the amount of food someone wants to eat or the intensity of an emotion they are feeling. In these cases, poco means 'a little bit' or 'not very much'.

Poco can also be used to express a negative sentiment towards something. For instance, if someone says 'poco interessante', they mean that something is not very interesting. Similarly, if someone says 'poco utile', they mean that something is not very useful.

It's worth noting that poco can be modified by other words to convey different shades of meaning. For example, molto poco means 'very little', while abbastanza poco means 'quite little'. Additionally, poco can be used in combination with other adverbs to create new expressions, such as troppo poco (too little) and sempre più poco (less and less).

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