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Pollice is an Italian noun that translates to 'thumb' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: thumb

Mi sono tagliato il pollice mentre stavo cucinando.

I cut my thumb while I was cooking.

Meaning: inch

La lunghezza del mio telefono è di cinque pollici.

The length of my phone is five inches.

Meaning: thumbs up

Ho dato un pollice in su al suo post su Facebook.

I gave a thumbs up to his post on Facebook.

Meaning: rule of thumb

Come regola generale, un litro d'acqua pesa un chilogrammo.

As a rule of thumb, one liter of water weighs one kilogram.


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A1: Il mio pollice è dolorante.

A1: My thumb is sore.

A1: Ho un pollice verde e amo prendere cura delle piante.

A1: I have a green thumb and I love taking care of plants.

A1: Puoi alzare il pollice per mostrare il tuo consenso?

A1: Can you raise your thumb to show your agreement?

B1: Ho pollici agili che mi permettono di suonare il pianoforte velocemente.

B1: I have nimble thumbs that allow me to play the piano quickly.

B1: Mia figlia ha imparato a succhiarsi il pollice quando era piccola.

B1: My daughter learned to suck her thumb when she was little.

B2: Dopo aver tagliato la cipolla, mi sono fatto male al pollice con il coltello.

B2: After cutting the onion, I hurt my thumb with the knife.

C1: Il chirurgo ha dovuto ricucire il tendine del mio pollice dopo l'incidente.

C1: The surgeon had to stitch up the tendon in my thumb after the accident.

C1: La scrittrice ha digitato velocemente sul suo computer usando entrambi i pollici.

C1: The writer typed quickly on her computer using both thumbs.

C2: Il pittore ha dipinto un quadro dettagliato usando solo il pollice.

C2: The painter created a detailed painting using only his thumb.

Advanced Description

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The thumb is one of the five digits on each hand and is located on the opposite side of the palm from the other four fingers. It is often considered the most important digit because it allows humans to grasp objects with precision and strength. The pollice, or thumb, plays a crucial role in many everyday activities such as writing, typing, cooking, and playing musical instruments.

In addition to its functional importance, the thumb also has cultural significance in various societies. For example, in ancient Rome, a raised thumb was a symbol of approval while a lowered thumb was a sign of disapproval. In some African cultures, the right thumb is used for pointing instead of the index finger. The pollice has even been the subject of art throughout history, with famous works such as Michelangelo's statue of David featuring an exaggeratedly large thumb.

However, despite its usefulness and cultural significance, the thumb can also be vulnerable to injury or conditions such as arthritis. Injuries to the pollice can greatly impact daily life and may require medical attention. Additionally, repetitive strain injuries from overuse of the thumb are becoming more common due to increased use of technology such as smartphones and computers. It is important to take care of your pollice and seek medical help if necessary.

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