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Porta is an Italian noun that translates to 'door' in English.

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Meaning: door

Ho chiuso la porta di casa.

I closed the front door.

Meaning: gate

Il cancello del giardino è aperto.

The garden gate is open.

Meaning: port

La nave è entrata nel porto.

The ship entered the port.

Meaning: portal

Attraversiamo il portale magico.

Let's go through the magical portal.

Meaning: goal

L'attaccante ha segnato un gol dalla porta.

The forward scored a goal from the goalpost.


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La porta è aperta.

The door is open.

Ho chiuso la porta.

I closed the door.

La chiave è nella serratura della porta.

The key is in the door lock.

La porta si aprirà automaticamente quando ti avvicini.

The door will open automatically when you approach.

Stavo entrando quando la porta si è chiusa improvvisamente.

I was entering when the door suddenly closed.

Dopo aver suonato il campanello, mi hanno aperto la porta.

After ringing the doorbell, they opened the door for me.

Se non hai la chiave, non riuscirai ad aprire la porta blindata.

If you don't have the key, you won't be able to open the security door.

Mi dispiace, ma la porta è bloccata. Non posso aprirla.

I'm sorry, but the door is stuck. I can't open it.

Non riesco a credere che tu abbia lasciato la porta aperta durante tutta la notte!

I can't believe you left the door open all night!

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word porta is commonly used to refer to a physical barrier that allows entry and exit from a building or room. This can include anything from a traditional wooden door to a sliding glass door. The word can also be used more broadly to refer to any type of entrance or gateway, such as a gate or archway.

The word porta has also taken on additional meanings in Italian culture. For example, it is often used metaphorically to describe opportunities or pathways in life. In this context, someone might say that a new job offer represents a 'porta aperta' or open door. Additionally, the word porta is sometimes used in religious contexts to refer to the gates of heaven or hell.

Overall, the word porta is an important part of Italian vocabulary and culture. Whether referring to a physical doorway or a metaphorical opportunity, it is a versatile term with many different applications.

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