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The Italian verb portare means 'to bring' or 'to carry'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to bring

Posso portare il vino alla festa?

Can I bring the wine to the party?

Meaning: to wear

Oggi voglio portare la mia nuova giacca.

Today I want to wear my new jacket.

Meaning: to carry

Devo portare le borse in macchina.

I have to carry the bags to the car.

Meaning: to lead

Il professore ci porterà alla scoperta della storia antica.

The professor will lead us to discover ancient history.

Meaning: to produce

Questa fabbrica porta molti prodotti di alta qualità.

This factory produces many high-quality products.



  • io porto
  • tu porti
  • egli/ella porta
  • noi portiamo
  • voi portate
  • essi/esse portano


  • io ho portato
  • tu hai portato
  • egli/ella ha portato
  • noi abbiamo portato
  • voi avete portato
  • essi/esse hanno portato


  • io porterò
  • tu porterai
  • egli/ella porterà
  • noi porteremo
  • voi porterete
  • essi/esse porteranno


  • io avevo portato
  • tu avevi portato
  • egli/ella aveva portato
  • noi avevamo portato
  • voi avevate portato
  • essi/esse avevano portato

Simple Past

  • io portai
  • tu portasti
  • egli/ella portò
  • noi portammo
  • voi portaste
  • essi/esse portarono


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A1: Io porto il libro.

I carry the book.

A1: Lei porta il cappello.

She wears the hat.

A2: Noi portiamo la spesa a casa.

We bring the groceries home.

B1: Lui ha portato i fiori alla festa.

He brought flowers to the party.

B1: Voi porterete le valigie in macchina?

Will you carry the suitcases in the car?

B2: Quando arriverai, avrò già portato via tutto.

When you arrive, I will have already taken everything away.

C1: Se non avessi portato con me l'ombrello, mi sarei bagnato.

If I hadn't brought my umbrella with me, I would have gotten wet.

C1: Dopo aver portato a termine il progetto, ci siamo presi una pausa.

After completing the project, we took a break.

C2: Nonostante abbia portato avanti molte riforme, il governo non è ancora riuscito a risolvere tutti i problemi del paese.

Despite having carried out many reforms, the government has not yet been able to solve all of the country's problems.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Portare is a versatile verb that can be used in many different contexts. It is often used to describe physically carrying or bringing something from one place to another, such as carrying groceries home from the store or bringing a gift to a friend's house.

However, portare can also be used in more abstract ways. For example, it can be used to describe bringing up a topic of conversation or introducing someone to a new idea. In these cases, the thing being brought or carried is not physical, but rather an idea or concept.

It's important to note that portare is an irregular verb, meaning that its conjugation does not follow a standard pattern. If you want to use this verb correctly in Italian, it's important to study its various forms and practice using it in context.

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