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Meaning: possible

È possibile che piova domani.

It is possible that it will rain tomorrow.

Meaning: feasible

La soluzione proposta è possibile da realizzare.

The proposed solution is feasible to implement.

Meaning: likely

È possibile che arrivi in ritardo.

It is likely that he will arrive late.

Meaning: potential

Hai un grande potenziale.

You have great potential.

Meaning: permissible

Non è possibile fumare qui.

Smoking is not permissible here.


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A1: È possibile andare al cinema stasera?

A1: Is it possible to go to the cinema tonight?

A1: È possibile prenotare un tavolo per due persone?

A1: Is it possible to book a table for two people?

A1: È possibile pagare con la carta di credito?

A1: Is it possible to pay with a credit card?

B1: Spero che sia possibile risolvere il problema entro domani.

B1: I hope it is possible to solve the problem by tomorrow.

B2: Se fosse stato possibile, avrei partecipato all'evento.

B2: If it had been possible, I would have attended the event.

B2: Non è possibile ignorare l'impatto dei cambiamenti climatici.

B2: It is not possible to ignore the impact of climate change.

C1: È possibile che abbia dimenticato di chiudere la porta.

C1: It is possible that he/she forgot to close the door.

C1: Non mi sembra possibile che tu abbia finito tutto il lavoro così velocemente.

C1: It doesn't seem possible to me that you finished all the work so quickly.

C2: Sono sicuro che sia possibile trovare una soluzione migliore.

C2: I am sure that it is possible to find a better solution.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian adjective possibile translates to the English word possible. It is used to describe something that can happen or exist, or that has the potential to be true or real. The word derives from the Latin possibilis, which means capable of being done or achieved.

In Italian, possibile can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, it can be used to express uncertainty or doubt about something, as in È possibile che piova domani? (Is it possible that it will rain tomorrow?). It can also be used to indicate that something is feasible or achievable, as in È possibile raggiungere la vetta della montagna? (Is it possible to reach the summit of the mountain?).

It's worth noting that possibile is often used in conjunction with other words to convey different shades of meaning. For instance, when combined with the adverbial particle quasi (almost), it can indicate that something is very likely to happen. Similarly, when combined with the negative particle non (not), it can indicate that something is impossible or unlikely.

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