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Potenza is an Italian noun that translates to power or strength in English.

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Meaning: power

La potenza del motore è impressionante.

The power of the engine is impressive.

Meaning: capacity

La potenza di calcolo del computer è molto elevata.

The computing capacity of the computer is very high.

Meaning: strength

Il sollevatore dimostra la sua potenza nella competizione.

The weightlifter demonstrates his strength in the competition.

Meaning: potential

Questa scoperta ha una grande potenza per il futuro della medicina.

This discovery has great potential for the future of medicine.

Meaning: energy

La centrale elettrica produce una grande quantità di potenza.

The power plant produces a large amount of energy.


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A1: La potenza del motore è di 100 cavalli.

A1: The power of the engine is 100 horsepower.

A1: La potenza del vento ha abbattuto gli alberi.

A1: The power of the wind knocked down the trees.

A1: La potenza della luce solare può essere sfruttata per produrre energia elettrica.

A1: The power of sunlight can be harnessed to produce electricity.

B1: Il nuovo modello di auto ha una maggiore potenza rispetto al precedente.

B1: The new car model has more power compared to the previous one.

B1: L'aumento della potenza del computer ha migliorato le prestazioni complessive.

B1: Increasing the power of the computer improved overall performance.

B2: La potenza del tiro del calciatore ha sorpreso tutti.

B2: The power of the soccer player's shot surprised everyone.

C1: La potenza del suono emesso dall'orchestra riempiva la sala concerti.

C1: The power of sound emitted by the orchestra filled the concert hall.

C1: La potenza economica di un paese influisce sulla sua posizione nel panorama globale.

C1: The economic power of a country influences its position in the global landscape.

C2: La potenza delle parole può spingere le persone all'azione.

C2: The power of words can drive people to take action.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, potenza can refer to both physical and metaphorical power. It can describe the strength of a machine or engine, as well as the power of a government or organization. In everyday language, it can also be used to describe personal qualities like charisma or influence.

The word potenza has its roots in Latin, where it originally meant potential or possibility. Over time, it evolved to encompass the idea of power and strength. Today, it remains an important concept in Italian culture and language.

Potenza is also the name of a city in southern Italy, located in the region of Basilicata. The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times and is known for its beautiful architecture and cultural heritage. Interestingly, the city's name is thought to come from the Latin word potentia, which means power or ability.

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