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Prendere is an Italian verb which means 'to take' or 'to grab'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to take

Posso prendere un caffè?

Can I take a coffee?

Meaning: to get

Devo prendere il treno alle nove.

I have to get the train at nine.

Meaning: to catch

Devo prendere la mosca che vola intorno alla stanza.

I have to catch the fly that's flying around the room.

Meaning: to seize

La polizia ha preso il ladro.

The police seized the thief.

Meaning: to understand

Non prendo quello che stai dicendo.

I don't understand what you're saying.



  • io prendo
  • tu prendi
  • lui/lei prende
  • noi prendiamo
  • voi prendete
  • loro prendono


  • io ho preso
  • tu hai preso
  • lui/lei ha preso
  • noi abbiamo preso
  • voi avete preso
  • loro hanno preso


  • io prenderò
  • tu prenderai
  • lui/lei prenderà
  • noi prenderemo
  • voi prenderete
  • loro prenderanno


  • io avevo preso
  • tu avevi preso
  • lui/lei aveva preso
  • noi avevamo preso
  • voi avevate preso
  • loro avevano preso

Simple Past

  • io presi
  • tu prendesti
  • lui/lei prese
  • noi prendemmo
  • voi prendeste
  • loro presero


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A1: Prendo un caffè al bar ogni mattina.

I have a coffee at the bar every morning.

A2: Vuoi prendere una pizza stasera?

Do you want to have a pizza tonight?

A2: Ho preso un libro in biblioteca.

I borrowed a book from the library.

B1: Prendi il treno delle 9 per arrivare in tempo.

Take the 9 o'clock train to arrive on time.

B2: Ho preso la decisione di cambiare lavoro.

I made the decision to change jobs.

B2: Se avessi preso l'aereo, sarei già arrivato.

If I had taken the plane, I would already be there.

C1: Prenditi cura della tua salute mentale.

Take care of your mental health.

C2: Dopo aver preso in considerazione tutti i fattori, ho deciso di accettare l'offerta di lavoro.

After taking all factors into consideration, I decided to accept the job offer.

C2: Avrei dovuto prendere sul serio i suoi avvertimenti.

I should have taken his warnings seriously.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Prendere is a very common verb in the Italian language and it is used in many different contexts. It can be used to indicate the action of taking something physically, such as taking a book from a shelf or taking a pen from someone's hand. It can also be used in a more abstract sense, such as taking responsibility for something or taking someone's advice into consideration.

One important thing to note about prendere is that it is an irregular verb, which means that its conjugation does not follow the regular patterns of other verbs. This means that it is important to memorize its conjugation forms in order to use it correctly in conversation or writing. Some common forms of prendere include prendo (I take), prendi (you take), prendiamo (we take), and prendono (they take).

Another important aspect of prendere is that it can be combined with other verbs to create compound verbs, such as prendere in prestito (to borrow) or prendere in considerazione (to take into consideration). These compound verbs often have slightly different meanings than just using prendere on its own, so it is important to understand their nuances as well.

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