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Problema is an Italian noun that translates to 'problem' in English. It refers to a situation or issue that requires a solution or resolution.

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Meaning: difficulty or obstacle

Ho un problema con il mio computer.

I have a problem with my computer.

Meaning: question or puzzle to be solved

Il professore ci ha dato un problema di matematica da risolvere.

The professor gave us a math problem to solve.

Meaning: situation or circumstance that is difficult

La situazione economica del paese è un grosso problema.

The country's economic situation is a big problem.

Meaning: matter or issue that needs attention

Abbiamo un problema con la consegna delle merci.

We have a problem with the delivery of goods.


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Ho un problema con il mio computer.

I have a problem with my computer.

Il mio amico ha risolto il suo problema di matematica.

My friend solved his math problem.

Mi dispiace, non posso aiutarti con il tuo problema.

I'm sorry, I can't help you with your problem.

Sto cercando una soluzione al mio problema finanziario.

I'm looking for a solution to my financial problem.

Il governo sta affrontando il problema dell'inquinamento ambientale.

The government is addressing the issue of environmental pollution.

Abbiamo discusso del problema durante la riunione aziendale.

We discussed the problem during the company meeting.

Se non affrontiamo questo problema ora, potrebbe peggiorare in futuro.

If we don't address this problem now, it could worsen in the future.

La ricerca scientifica sta cercando di risolvere i problemi complessi della società.

Scientific research is trying to solve society's complex problems.

Nonostante tutti i suoi sforzi, non è riuscito a risolvere il problema definitivamente.

Despite all his efforts, he couldn't solve the problem permanently.

Advanced Description

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The word problema is commonly used in various contexts, from everyday life to academic and professional settings. In personal relationships, it can refer to conflicts or challenges that need to be addressed. In business, it can refer to issues related to operations, finance, or strategy. In science and technology, it can refer to complex challenges that require innovative solutions.

In Italian culture, the concept of problema is often associated with the idea of problem-solving as a valuable skill. Italians are known for their creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to finding solutions to difficult situations. This attitude is reflected in the way they approach problems, which is often characterized by a combination of pragmatism and ingenuity.

Overall, the word problema captures the essence of a universal human experience: the need to overcome obstacles and find solutions in order to achieve our goals. Whether we are facing personal, professional, or societal challenges, the ability to identify problems and devise effective strategies for solving them is essential for success and growth.

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