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Prodotto is an Italian noun that translates to 'product' in English. It refers to any item or service that is created and made available for sale or consumption.

Part of speech





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Meaning: product

Ho comprato un nuovo prodotto per la pulizia della casa.

I bought a new product for cleaning the house.

Meaning: result

Il prodotto del nostro lavoro è stato molto soddisfacente.

The result of our work was very satisfying.

Meaning: output

La stampante ha emesso il prodotto finale del documento.

The printer produced the final output of the document.

Meaning: multiplication

Il prodotto di due numeri negativi è sempre positivo.

The product of two negative numbers is always positive.

Meaning: crop

La regione produce un ottimo prodotto agricolo.

The region produces an excellent agricultural crop.


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Ho comprato un prodotto nuovo.

I bought a new product.

Il negozio ha molti prodotti in vendita.

The store has many products for sale.

Mi piace provare nuovi prodotti.

I like to try new products.

Sto cercando un prodotto che sia adatto alle mie esigenze.

I am looking for a product that suits my needs.

Hai mai usato questo prodotto prima?

Have you ever used this product before?

Dovresti leggere le recensioni prima di acquistare un prodotto online.

You should read reviews before buying a product online.

Quel prodotto è stato lanciato sul mercato l'anno scorso.

That product was launched on the market last year.

Sto pensando di restituire il prodotto difettoso al negozio.

I am thinking of returning the defective product to the store.

Sono rimasto deluso dalla qualità del prodotto.

I was disappointed with the quality of the product.

Advanced Description

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In the world of business, prodotto is a crucial concept. It encompasses all types of goods and services that are produced by companies and offered to consumers. This can include physical products like clothing, electronics, and furniture, as well as intangible services like consulting, banking, and healthcare.

The quality of a prodotto is often a key factor in determining its success in the marketplace. Companies must invest time and resources into developing high-quality products that meet the needs and desires of their target audience. This can involve extensive research and development, testing, and marketing efforts.

Overall, prodotto plays a vital role in the economy and our daily lives. As consumers, we rely on products to meet our basic needs and enhance our quality of life. As businesses, we depend on prodotto to generate revenue and drive growth. Understanding this concept is essential for anyone interested in commerce or economics.

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