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"provare" Italian translation




To try or attempt something, to test or experiment with something

Part of speech



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Meaning: to try

Vorrei provare questo nuovo ristorante.

I would like to try this new restaurant.

Meaning: to test

Devo provare la mia nuova macchina fotografica.

I need to test my new camera.

Meaning: to feel

Provo gioia quando vedo i miei amici.

I feel joy when I see my friends.

Meaning: to experience

Ho provato molta tristezza dopo la sua partenza.

I experienced a lot of sadness after his departure.

Meaning: to taste

Vuoi provare questa torta al cioccolato?

Do you want to taste this chocolate cake?



  • io provo
  • tu provi
  • lui/lei prova
  • noi proviamo
  • voi provate
  • loro provano


  • io ho provato
  • tu hai provato
  • lui/lei ha provato
  • noi abbiamo provato
  • voi avete provato
  • loro hanno provato


  • io proverò
  • tu proverai
  • lui/lei proverà
  • noi proveremo
  • voi proverete
  • loro proveranno


  • io avevo provato
  • tu avevi provato
  • lui/lei aveva provato
  • noi avevamo provato
  • voi avevate provato
  • loro avevano provato

Simple Past

  • io provai
  • tu provasti
  • lui/lei provò
  • noi provammo
  • voi provaste
  • loro provarono


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A1: Io provo la torta.

A1: I try the cake.

A1: Loro provano i vestiti nuovi.

A1: They try the new clothes.

A1: Tu provi il nuovo ristorante.

A1: You try the new restaurant.

B1: Ho provato a chiamarti ma non rispondevi.

B1: I tried to call you but you didn't answer.

B1: Stasera proveremo una nuova ricetta per cena.

B1: Tonight we will try a new recipe for dinner.

B1: Se provi a studiare di più, otterrai risultati migliori.

B1: If you try to study more, you will get better results.

C1: Avevo provato a convincerlo, ma non ci sono riuscito.

C1: I had tried to convince him, but I didn't succeed.

C1: Proverò ad arrivare in tempo per l'appuntamento.

C1: I will try to arrive on time for the appointment.

C1: Dopo aver provato il cibo locale, ho deciso di tornare in Italia.

C1: After trying the local food, I decided to come back to Italy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb provare is a versatile word that can be used in a variety of contexts. At its core, it means to try or attempt something. This could refer to trying a new food, attempting a difficult task, or testing out a new theory. In essence, provare is all about experimenting and exploring.

One common use of provare is in the phrase provare un'emozione, which means to feel an emotion. This highlights the idea of trying something on for size - in this case, an emotion. It's as if you're putting on a new pair of shoes to see how they fit. By using provare in this way, you're acknowledging that emotions are not fixed states but rather experiences that can be explored and experimented with.

Another important context for provare is in the field of cooking. When you're following a recipe and need to adjust the seasoning or flavors, you might say that you're provando il piatto (testing the dish). This involves tasting the food and making adjustments until it meets your desired flavor profile. In this sense, provare is all about trial and error - trying different things until you find what works best.

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