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"pulire" Italian translation




to clean

Part of speech



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Meaning: to clean

Devo pulire la casa oggi.

I have to clean the house today.

Meaning: to wipe

Pulisci il tavolo con un panno umido.

Wipe the table with a damp cloth.

Meaning: to polish

Ho pulito le scarpe per renderle lucide.

I polished the shoes to make them shiny.

Meaning: to clear

Puliamo la strada dai rami caduti.

Let's clear the road from fallen branches.

Meaning: to purify

Il filtro dell'acqua pulisce l'acqua del rubinetto.

The water filter purifies tap water.



  • io pulisco
  • tu pulisci
  • lui/lei pulisce
  • noi puliamo
  • voi pulite
  • loro puliscono


  • io ho pulito
  • tu hai pulito
  • lui/lei ha pulito
  • noi abbiamo pulito
  • voi avete pulito
  • loro hanno pulito


  • io pulirò
  • tu pulirai
  • lui/lei pulirà
  • noi puliremo
  • voi pulirete
  • loro puliranno


  • io avevo pulito
  • tu avevi pulito
  • lui/lei aveva pulito
  • noi avevamo pulito
  • voi avevate pulito
  • loro avevano pulito

Simple Past

  • io pulii
  • tu pulisti
  • lui/lei pulì
  • noi pulimmo
  • voi puliste
  • loro pulirono


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Io pulisco la casa ogni giorno.

A1: I clean the house every day.

A1: Lui pulisce il tavolo con un panno.

A1: He cleans the table with a cloth.

A2: Lei ha pulito i piatti dopo cena.

A2: She cleaned the dishes after dinner.

B1: Noi stiamo pulendo il pavimento della cucina.

B1: We are cleaning the kitchen floor.

B1: Voi avete pulito la macchina ieri?

B1: Did you clean the car yesterday?

B2: Loro avevano già pulito la stanza prima che arrivassimo.

B2: They had already cleaned the room before we arrived.

C1: Quando tornerai, avrò già pulito tutto l'appartamento.

C1: When you come back, I will have already cleaned the entire apartment.

C1: Dopo aver pulito la cucina, ho deciso di fare una pausa.

C1: After cleaning the kitchen, I decided to take a break.

C2: Se non avessi pulito le finestre, non si vedrebbe nulla fuori.

C2: If I hadn't cleaned the windows, you wouldn't see anything outside.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'pulire' in Italian means 'to clean'. It is a regular verb that belongs to the first conjugation group. This means that it follows a predictable pattern of conjugation, making it easier to learn and use in different contexts.

When using 'pulire', it is important to remember that its conjugation depends on the subject of the sentence. For example, 'io pulisco' means 'I clean', while 'tu pulisci' means 'you clean'. The verb can be used to refer to cleaning various things, such as objects, surfaces, or even oneself.

In addition to its basic meaning of cleaning, 'pulire' can also be used metaphorically to express the idea of purifying or cleansing something figuratively. For instance, one might say 'pulire la coscienza' which translates to 'to cleanse one's conscience'. Overall, 'pulire' is a versatile verb that is essential for describing the act of cleaning in Italian.

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