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Qualsiasi is an Italian adjective that means 'any', 'whatever', or 'whichever'. It is used to indicate a lack of preference or restriction in choice.

Part of speech



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Meaning: any

Posso prendere qualsiasi libro dalla biblioteca.

I can take any book from the library.

Meaning: whichever

Puoi scegliere qualsiasi pizza dal menu.

You can choose whichever pizza from the menu.

Meaning: whatever

Fai qualsiasi cosa ti renda felice.

Do whatever makes you happy.

Meaning: every

Ogni giorno è un'opportunità per imparare qualcosa di nuovo.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Meaning: no matter what

Ti sosterrò sempre, qualsiasi cosa accada.

I will always support you, no matter what happens.


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A1: Ho bisogno di qualsiasi aiuto.

A1: I need any help.

A1: Puoi prendere qualsiasi libro dalla libreria.

A1: You can take any book from the library.

A1: Non ho trovato qualsiasi informazione su internet.

A1: I didn't find any information on the internet.

B1: Ho provato a chiamarti in qualsiasi momento.

B1: I tried to call you at any time.

B1: Qualsiasi cosa tu dica, non mi convincerai.

B1: Whatever you say, you won't convince me.

B1: Scegli qualsiasi giorno della settimana per incontrarci.

B1: Choose any day of the week to meet.

C1: Qualsiasi sia il risultato, sono orgoglioso del mio lavoro.

C1: Whatever the result is, I am proud of my work.

C1: Mi piace sperimentare con qualsiasi tipo di cucina.

C1: I like to experiment with any type of cuisine.

C1: Qualsiasi cosa accada, non perderò mai la speranza.

C1: Whatever happens, I will never lose hope.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word qualsiasi is often used in everyday conversation and formal writing in Italy. It is a versatile adjective that can be used in various contexts to express the idea of any, whatever, or whichever. For example, if you are asked which restaurant you want to go to for dinner, you could reply with 'qualsiasi ristorante' meaning any restaurant will do.

In Italian grammar, qualsiasi is classified as an indefinite adjective. This means that it does not refer to a specific noun but rather to any noun within a certain category. It can also be used as a pronoun when referring to people or things. For instance, 'prendi qualsiasi libro che vuoi' means 'take whichever book you want'.

It is important to note that qualsiasi changes its form depending on the gender and number of the noun it refers to. For masculine singular nouns, it becomes qualsiasi; for feminine singular nouns, it becomes qualsiasi; for masculine plural nouns, it becomes qualunque; and for feminine plural nouns, it becomes qualsivoglia. Understanding these variations is crucial in using the adjective correctly.

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