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Quattro is the Italian word for the number four.

Part of speech



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Meaning: Number four

Ho quattro fratelli.

I have four brothers.

Meaning: Four o'clock

L'appuntamento è alle quattro.

The appointment is at four o'clock.

Meaning: Fourth

Sono arrivato quarto alla gara.

I came in fourth in the race.

Meaning: Four (in playing cards)

Ho pescato un quattro di cuori.

I drew a four of hearts.

Meaning: Four (in dice)

Ho ottenuto un quattro con i dadi.

I rolled a four with the dice.


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A1: Ho quattro fratelli.

I have four brothers.

A2: Quattro è un numero pari.

Four is an even number.

A2: Ci sono quattro stagioni in un anno.

There are four seasons in a year.

B1: Ho studiato italiano per quattro anni.

I have studied Italian for four years.

B2: Sono andato in vacanza quattro volte quest'anno.

I went on vacation four times this year.

B2: Quattro persone hanno partecipato al corso di cucina.

Four people attended the cooking course.

C1: Avevo già visitato quattro paesi prima di compiere trent'anni.

I had already visited four countries before turning thirty.

C1: Quattro anni fa, ho vissuto a Roma per un breve periodo.

Four years ago, I lived in Rome for a short period of time.

C2: Dopo aver lavorato duramente, ho accumulato una fortuna di quattro milioni di euro.

After working hard, I accumulated a fortune of four million euros.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, quattro is used to represent the cardinal number 4. It is a basic numeral that is used in everyday life, such as counting objects or telling time.

The word quattro comes from the Latin word 'quattuor' and is part of the Romance language family. It is also similar to the Spanish word 'cuatro' and the French word 'quatre'.

In addition to being a numerical value, quattro can also be used in various expressions and idioms in Italian culture. For example, 'fare quattro chiacchiere' means to have a chat or conversation with someone.

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