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Meaning: device for receiving and transmitting radio waves

Ho acceso la radio per ascoltare le notizie.

I turned on the radio to listen to the news.

Meaning: broadcasting medium

La radio è ancora uno dei mezzi di comunicazione più popolari.

Radio is still one of the most popular means of communication.

Meaning: wireless telecommunication system

La radio permette la trasmissione di segnali senza fili.

Radio allows the transmission of wireless signals.

Meaning: radio receiver

Mi piace ascoltare la musica alla radio.

I like listening to music on the radio.

Meaning: radio station

Sintonizzati sulla mia stazione radio preferita.

Tune in to my favorite radio station.


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A1: La radio è accesa.

A1: The radio is on.

A1: Ho comprato una nuova radio.

A1: I bought a new radio.

A1: Ascolto la radio ogni mattina.

A1: I listen to the radio every morning.

B1: La radio trasmette notizie in tempo reale.

B1: The radio broadcasts news in real time.

B1: Mio padre mi ha regalato una radio portatile per il mio compleanno.

B1: My father gave me a portable radio for my birthday.

B2: Quando ero giovane, la radio era l'unico modo per ascoltare musica.

B2: When I was young, the radio was the only way to listen to music.

C1: La radio si è evoluta nel corso degli anni, passando dalla trasmissione analogica alla digitale.

C1: Radio has evolved over the years, transitioning from analog to digital broadcasting.

C1: Il conduttore della radio ha intervistato un famoso cantante durante lo show.

C1: The radio host interviewed a famous singer during the show.

C2: La radio è stata fondamentale durante la guerra per diffondere informazioni e sollevare il morale delle persone.

C2: The radio was crucial during the war to disseminate information and boost people's morale.

Advanced Description

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Radio is a noun in Italian that refers to a broadcasting medium that uses electromagnetic waves to transmit sound and information. It is commonly used for entertainment, news, and communication purposes.

In Italy, radio has played a significant role in the country's history and culture. The first radio broadcast in Italy took place in 1924, and since then, radio has become an integral part of the daily lives of Italians. There are numerous radio stations in Italy that cater to various interests and genres, including music, talk shows, sports, and more.

With the advancement of technology, radio has evolved from traditional AM/FM broadcasting to digital platforms such as internet radio and podcasts. This allows listeners to access a wide range of content anytime and anywhere.

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