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The Italian noun ragazza refers to a young woman or girl.

Part of speech





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Meaning: girl

La ragazza sta leggendo un libro.

The girl is reading a book.

Meaning: girlfriend

Marco è uscito con la sua ragazza ieri sera.

Marco went out with his girlfriend last night.

Meaning: young woman

La ragazza che lavora nel negozio di abbigliamento è molto gentile.

The young woman working in the clothing store is very kind.

Meaning: maid

La ragazza sta pulendo la casa.

The maid is cleaning the house.


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A1: La ragazza è alta.

The girl is tall.

A1: Ho una ragazza italiana.

I have an Italian girlfriend.

A1: La ragazza sta studiando italiano.

The girl is studying Italian.

B1: La ragazza che ho incontrato ieri era molto simpatica.

The girl I met yesterday was very nice.

B1: Mia sorella ha comprato un vestito nuovo per la festa di questa ragazza.

My sister bought a new dress for this girl's party.

B2: La ragazza che lavorava con me è stata promossa.

The girl who worked with me got promoted.

C1: La ragazza che mi piaceva tanto si è trasferita all'estero.

The girl I liked so much moved abroad.

C1: La ragazza che ha vinto il concorso di bellezza è molto talentuosa.

The girl who won the beauty contest is very talented.

C2: La ragazza che mi ha lasciato non sa quanto mi manca.

The girl who left me doesn't know how much I miss her.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, the word ragazza is commonly used to refer to a female who is in her teenage years or early twenties. It can also be used to describe a female child, but this usage is less common. The word is derived from the Latin term regalis, which means royal or regal.

In Italian culture, the concept of la dolce vita (the sweet life) is often associated with young women and their carefree attitudes towards life. This cultural ideal has been portrayed in many works of art and literature, including Federico Fellini's famous film La Dolce Vita. The word ragazza is often used in this context to evoke a sense of youthfulness and vitality.

While the word ragazza is generally considered neutral in terms of connotation, it can sometimes be used in a derogatory manner to objectify or sexualize young women. As with any language, it is important to be mindful of the context in which words are used and to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or attitudes.

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