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Re is an Italian preposition that means 'about' or 'regarding'. It is used to indicate the topic or subject of a conversation or discussion.

Part of speech



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Meaning: about

Ho letto un libro re la storia dell'arte.

I read a book about art history.

Meaning: regarding

Ho bisogno di parlarti re il progetto.

I need to talk to you regarding the project.

Meaning: concerning

Vorrei saperne di più re questa questione.

I would like to know more concerning this issue.

Meaning: on

Il documento è re il tavolo.

The document is on the table.

Meaning: with

Ho una riunione re il mio capo domani.

I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow.


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A1: Ho bisogno di reidratarmi dopo l'allenamento.

I need to rehydrate after the workout.

A2: Dobbiamo riorganizzare la stanza.

We need to rearrange the room.

A2: La casa è stata ristrutturata di recente.

The house has been recently renovated.

B1: Il governo sta cercando di riformare il sistema sanitario.

The government is trying to reform the healthcare system.

B2: Ho appena ricevuto una richiesta di riunione dal mio capo.

I just received a meeting request from my boss.

B2: La compagnia ha deciso di ridurre i costi per aumentare i profitti.

The company decided to cut costs to increase profits.

C1: La scienza cerca di comprendere come funziona il cervello umano.

Science is trying to understand how the human brain works.

C2: L'artista ha reinterpretato il classico dipinto in un modo completamente nuovo.

The artist reinterpreted the classic painting in a completely new way.

C2: La società deve reimpostare le sue priorità per affrontare le sfide del futuro.

Society must reset its priorities to face the challenges of the future.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, re is a very common preposition that can be used in many different contexts. It is often used in formal settings such as business meetings, academic presentations, and legal proceedings. For example, if you were giving a presentation about the economy, you might say 'Parlerò del mio studio re l'economia italiana' which translates to 'I will talk about my study regarding the Italian economy'.

Re can also be used in informal settings such as everyday conversations with friends and family. For instance, if someone asks you what you did over the weekend, you might say 'Ho visto un film re la vita di Leonardo da Vinci' which means 'I watched a movie about the life of Leonardo da Vinci'.

It's important to note that re is not always interchangeable with other Italian prepositions such as su (on) or per (for). Re specifically refers to the subject or topic of discussion, while other prepositions may have different meanings depending on the context.

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