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Meaning: rule

La regola principale è seguire le istruzioni.

The main rule is to follow the instructions.

Meaning: norm

Questa regola non si applica a tutti i casi.

This norm does not apply to all cases.

Meaning: law

La regola di legge è stata approvata dal parlamento.

The law has been approved by the parliament.

Meaning: principle

Il rispetto per gli altri è una delle mie regole di vita.

Respect for others is one of my life principles.

Meaning: method

Questo è il mio metodo, seguo sempre questa regola.

This is my method, I always follow this rule.


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A1: La regola è semplice.

A1: The rule is simple.

A1: Segui le regole del gioco.

A1: Follow the rules of the game.

A1: Ho letto una regola interessante nel libro.

A1: I read an interesting rule in the book.

B1: Le regole di questa competizione sono state cambiate.

B1: The rules of this competition have been changed.

B1: Se non rispetti le regole, sarai punito.

B1: If you don't follow the rules, you will be punished.

B2: Dovremmo stabilire delle nuove regole per migliorare la situazione.

B2: We should establish new rules to improve the situation.

C1: È importante comprendere le regole del mercato finanziario prima di investire.

C1: It is important to understand the rules of the financial market before investing.

C1: Le regole della grammatica italiana possono essere complesse da imparare.

C1: The rules of Italian grammar can be complex to learn.

C2: Il politico ha infranto tutte le regole etiche durante il suo mandato.

C2: The politician broke all ethical rules during his term.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'regola' in Italian translates to 'rule' in English. It refers to a principle or guideline that is used to govern behavior, actions, or procedures.

In various contexts, regola can refer to different types of rules. For example, it can be a legal rule or regulation set by an authority, such as a government or organization. It can also be a social or cultural norm that guides acceptable behavior within a community.

Regola can also refer to a mathematical or scientific rule that describes a relationship between variables or provides a method for solving problems. In this sense, it is often used in academic and technical contexts.

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