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The Italian adjective 'ricco' means 'rich' in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: wealthy

Mio zio è molto ricco.

My uncle is very wealthy.

Meaning: rich (in flavor)

Questo dolce è molto ricco di cioccolato.

This dessert is very rich in chocolate.

Meaning: abundant

La regione è ricca di risorse naturali.

The region is abundant in natural resources.

Meaning: full-bodied

Il vino rosso è ricco e corposo.

The red wine is rich and full-bodied.

Meaning: fertile

La terra qui è molto ricca e adatta all'agricoltura.

The land here is very fertile and suitable for agriculture.


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Sono una persona ricca.

I am a rich person.

La torta è molto ricca di cioccolato.

The cake is very rich in chocolate.

Il bambino ha un'immaginazione ricca.

The child has a rich imagination.

Abbiamo visitato un museo ricco di opere d'arte.

We visited a museum rich in artworks.

La città è famosa per la sua storia ricca e affascinante.

The city is famous for its rich and fascinating history.

La lingua italiana è ricca di espressioni idiomatiche.

The Italian language is rich in idiomatic expressions.

L'azienda ha avuto un anno finanziariamente ricco.

The company had a financially successful year.

Il libro racconta una storia ricca di emozioni e colpi di scena.

The book tells a story full of emotions and plot twists.

Il viaggio mi ha arricchito culturalmente.

The trip enriched me culturally.

Advanced Description

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Ricco is a commonly used word in Italian to describe someone or something that has a lot of wealth or possessions. It can refer to individuals who have a high net worth, as well as objects or places that are luxurious and opulent.

In Italian culture, being ricco is often associated with success and social status. It implies financial stability and the ability to afford a comfortable lifestyle. People who are considered ricco may live in large houses, drive expensive cars, and wear designer clothing.

It's important to note that ricco can also be used metaphorically to describe something that is abundant or plentiful. For example, you might say that a meal is ricco di sapori (rich in flavors) or that a book is ricco di informazioni (rich in information). In these cases, the adjective conveys the idea of abundance rather than wealth.

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