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Meaning: request

Ho fatto una richiesta di informazioni al servizio clienti.

I made a request for information to customer service.

Meaning: demand

Il sindacato ha presentato una richiesta di aumento salariale.

The union has made a demand for a salary increase.

Meaning: application

Ho inviato una richiesta per partecipare al corso di formazione.

I submitted an application to participate in the training course.

Meaning: inquiry

Ho effettuato una richiesta di prenotazione presso l'hotel.

I made an inquiry for a reservation at the hotel.

Meaning: claim

L'assicurato ha presentato una richiesta di risarcimento danni.

The insured person filed a claim for damages compensation.


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Ho una richiesta da fare.

I have a request to make.

Posso farti una richiesta?

Can I make a request?

La tua richiesta è stata accettata.

Your request has been accepted.

Sto aspettando una risposta alla mia richiesta.

I am waiting for a response to my request.

Il cliente ha presentato una richiesta di rimborso.

The customer submitted a refund request.

La richiesta di prestito è stata respinta dalla banca.

The loan application was rejected by the bank.

Abbiamo ricevuto numerose richieste per il nostro nuovo prodotto.

We received numerous requests for our new product.

Il governo sta valutando la richiesta dei cittadini.

The government is considering the citizens' request.

La richiesta di aumento stipendiale è stata discussa in assemblea.

The salary increase request was discussed at the meeting.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'richiesta' translates to 'request' in English. It is derived from the verb 'richiedere', which means 'to ask' or 'to demand'. As a noun, 'richiesta' refers to an act of asking for something or making a formal demand.

In various contexts, 'richiesta' can refer to different types of requests or demands. For example, it can be used to describe a formal request made to an authority or organization, such as a government agency or a company. It can also refer to a specific request for information, documents, or services.

Additionally, 'richiesta' can be used in legal contexts to denote a legal claim or petition filed by someone seeking a specific action or remedy. In this sense, it is often associated with legal proceedings and the formal process of requesting justice or redress.

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