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Ricordare is an Italian verb which means 'to remember' or 'to recall'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to remember

Ricordo ancora il nostro primo incontro.

I still remember our first meeting.

Meaning: to remind

Mi ricordi mia madre quando sorridi così.

You remind me of my mother when you smile like that.

Meaning: to recall

Non riesco a ricordare il suo nome.

I can't recall his name.

Meaning: to commemorate

Ogni anno ricordiamo i caduti in guerra.

Every year we commemorate the fallen in war.

Meaning: to keep in mind

Ricorda di portare l'ombrello, potrebbe piovere.

Remember to bring the umbrella, it might rain.



  • io ricordo
  • tu ricordi
  • lui/lei ricorda
  • noi ricordiamo
  • voi ricordate
  • loro ricordano


  • io ho ricordato
  • tu hai ricordato
  • lui/lei ha ricordato
  • noi abbiamo ricordato
  • voi avete ricordato
  • loro hanno ricordato


  • io ricorderò
  • tu ricorderai
  • lui/lei ricorderà
  • noi ricorderemo
  • voi ricorderete
  • loro ricorderanno


  • io avevo ricordato
  • tu avevi ricordato
  • lui/lei aveva ricordato
  • noi avevamo ricordato
  • voi avevate ricordato
  • loro avevano ricordato

Simple Past

  • io ricordai
  • tu ricordasti
  • lui/lei ricordò
  • noi ricordammo
  • voi ricordaste
  • loro ricordarono


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A1: Ricordo il tuo nome.

I remember your name.

A1: Non ricordo dove ho messo le chiavi.

I don't remember where I put the keys.

A2: Ti ricordi di me?

Do you remember me?

B1: Ho ricordato di comprare il latte.

I remembered to buy milk.

B1: Ricorderò sempre quella vacanza al mare.

I will always remember that beach vacation.

B2: Se non mi avessi ricordato l'appuntamento, l'avrei dimenticato.

If you hadn't reminded me of the appointment, I would have forgotten it.

C1: Mi ricordo quando eravamo giovani e pieni di speranze.

I remember when we were young and full of hope.

C1: Ricorda di non dire a nessuno la password.

Remember not to tell anyone the password.

C2: Avrei voluto che tu ti ricordassi della nostra promessa.

I wish you had remembered our promise.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb ricordare is commonly used in everyday conversation and writing in the Italian language. It is a transitive verb, meaning that it requires a direct object to complete its meaning. For example, 'Io ricordo il tuo nome' translates to 'I remember your name', where 'il tuo nome' is the direct object.

Ricordare can also be used reflexively, as in 'Mi ricordo di te', which means 'I remember you'. In this case, the reflexive pronoun 'mi' indicates that the subject is both the one doing the remembering and the one being remembered.

It's important to note that ricordare is not interchangeable with the verb pensare, which means 'to think'. While both verbs involve mental processes, pensare refers to actively thinking about something, while ricordare specifically refers to recalling past events or information.

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