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The Italian noun 'rosa' refers to a flower, specifically the rose.

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Meaning: rose (flower)

Ho regalato una rosa a mia madre per il suo compleanno.

I gave my mother a rose for her birthday.

Meaning: pink (color)

Il vestito che indossa è di un bel rosa.

The dress she is wearing is a beautiful pink.

Meaning: rose (wine)

Abbiamo aperto una bottiglia di rosé per festeggiare.

We opened a bottle of rosé to celebrate.

Meaning: rose (gemstone)

Mi ha regalato un anello con una rosa incastonata.

He gave me a ring with an embedded rose gemstone.

Meaning: rose (symbol of love)

Gli ho inviato una rosa rossa come segno del mio amore.

I sent him a red rose as a symbol of my love.


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A1: Ho comprato una rosa rossa per mia madre.

I bought a red rose for my mother.

A1: La rosa è un fiore molto profumato.

The rose is a very fragrant flower.

A1: Mi piace il colore della rosa.

I like the color of the rose.

B1: Ogni anno pianto nuove rose nel mio giardino.

Every year I plant new roses in my garden.

B1: Mia nonna mi ha regalato una rosa bianca.

My grandmother gave me a white rose as a gift.

B1: Le rose che ho colto oggi sono bellissime.

The roses I picked today are beautiful.

C1: Spero che tu abbia potuto ammirare la rosa nel suo pieno splendore.

I hope you were able to admire the rose in its full glory.

C1: Dopo aver annaffiato le rose, ho notato che stavano crescendo rigogliose.

After watering the roses, I noticed that they were growing vigorously.

C1: Le rose del mio giardino emanano un profumo irresistibile.

The roses in my garden emit an irresistible fragrance.

Advanced Description

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Roses are one of the most popular and widely cultivated flowers in the world. They are known for their beauty, fragrance, and variety of colors. Roses have been cultivated for thousands of years and have a rich history in various cultures.

In Italy, roses hold special significance and are often associated with love and romance. The country has a long tradition of using roses in art, literature, and celebrations. The red rose, in particular, is a symbol of love and is commonly given as a gift on Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions.

Roses are also used in various industries such as perfumery and cosmetics. The essential oil extracted from roses, known as rose oil or rose otto, is highly valued for its fragrance and therapeutic properties. It is used in the production of perfumes, soaps, lotions, and other beauty products.

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