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Rosso is an Italian adjective that translates to the color red in English.

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Meaning: red

La rosa è rossa.

The rose is red.

Meaning: ginger

Mio fratello ha i capelli rossi.

My brother has ginger hair.

Meaning: flushed

Dopo la corsa, il suo viso era tutto rosso.

After the run, his face was all flushed.

Meaning: ripe

Le mele sono ancora verdi, non sono ancora rosse.

The apples are still green, they are not ripe yet.

Meaning: angry

Quando è arrabbiato, diventa rosso in faccia.

When he's angry, he turns red in the face.


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A1: La mela è rossa.

The apple is red.

A1: Ho una maglietta rossa.

I have a red t-shirt.

A1: Il sole tramonta nel cielo rosso.

The sun sets in the red sky.

B1: Mia madre ha i capelli rossi.

My mother has red hair.

B1: Abbiamo comprato una macchina rossa l'anno scorso.

We bought a red car last year.

B2: Sono andato al ristorante e ho ordinato un vino rosso.

I went to the restaurant and ordered a red wine.

C1: Dopo aver visto il film, mi sono sentito rosso di vergogna per quello che avevo fatto.

After watching the movie, I felt red with shame for what I had done.

C1: La squadra di calcio ha giocato una partita molto intensa e alla fine è uscita vincitrice con un punteggio rossissimo di 5-0.

The football team played a very intense match and in the end came out as winners with a very high score of 5-0.

C2: Durante la presentazione, il relatore si è messo a parlare di politica e ha acceso un dibattito rossissimo tra il pubblico.

During the presentation, the speaker started talking about politics and ignited a very heated debate among the audience.

Advanced Description

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Rosso is a commonly used word in Italy to describe the color red. It can be used to describe anything from a bright red apple to a deep red wine. In Italian culture, the color red is often associated with passion, love, and energy. This is reflected in many aspects of Italian life, including fashion, art, and even food.

In addition to its cultural significance, the color rosso also has practical uses in everyday life. For example, traffic lights in Italy use the colors rosso (red), giallo (yellow), and verde (green) to indicate when to stop, slow down, or go. The color rosso is also commonly used in warning signs and emergency signals.

Overall, the word rosso is an important part of Italian language and culture. Its versatility and cultural significance make it a useful and interesting word to know for anyone interested in learning about Italy or the Italian language.

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