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Meaning: noise

Il rumore del traffico è molto fastidioso.

The noise of the traffic is very annoying.

Meaning: sound

Mi piace il rumore delle onde del mare.

I like the sound of the sea waves.

Meaning: rumor

C'è un rumore che si sta diffondendo sulla sua partenza.

There's a rumor spreading about his departure.

Meaning: clamor

La notizia ha fatto un grande rumore nella comunità.

The news caused a great clamor in the community.

Meaning: disturbance

Il rumore proveniente dalla festa disturbava i vicini.

The disturbance coming from the party was bothering the neighbors.


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A1: Il rumore del mare mi rilassa.

The sound of the sea relaxes me.

A1: Non sopporto il rumore dei clacson in città.

I can't stand the noise of car horns in the city.

A1: Abbiamo sentito un rumore strano provenire dalla cantina.

We heard a strange noise coming from the basement.

B1: Il rumore del traffico mi disturba quando cerco di dormire.

The noise of traffic bothers me when I try to sleep.

B1: Ho dovuto alzare la voce per farmi sentire sopra il rumore della folla.

I had to raise my voice to be heard over the noise of the crowd.

B2: Durante il concerto, il pubblico faceva un gran rumore applaudendo e urlando.

During the concert, the audience made a lot of noise by applauding and screaming.

C1: Sono stato svegliato dal rumore assordante dell'allarme antincendio.

I was woken up by the deafening noise of the fire alarm.

C1: Il rumore incessante delle macchine mi fa venire mal di testa.

The constant noise of cars gives me a headache.

C2: La tranquillità della campagna è un piacoso contrasto rispetto al rumore caotico della città.

The tranquility of the countryside is a pleasant contrast to the chaotic noise of the city.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'rumore' is an Italian noun that translates to 'noise' in English. It refers to any unwanted or unpleasant sound that is loud, disruptive, or irritating.

Rumore can come from various sources such as traffic, construction work, music, or even conversations in a crowded room. It can affect our daily lives by causing discomfort, distraction, and difficulty in communication.

In urban areas, the issue of rumore pollution is particularly prevalent, with noise levels often exceeding recommended limits. This has led to the implementation of regulations and measures to control and reduce noise pollution for the well-being of individuals and the environment.

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