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Meaning: sand

Mi piace camminare sulla sabbia.

I like walking on the sand.

Meaning: dust

La sabbia si solleva quando passa il vento.

The dust rises when the wind blows.

Meaning: grit

Ho trovato un po' di sabbia nei miei scarponi da trekking.

I found some grit in my hiking boots.

Meaning: powder

Questa crema è fatta di sabbia finissima.

This cream is made of very fine powder.


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La sabbia è calda sotto i piedi.

The sand is warm under the feet.

Mi piace fare castelli di sabbia sulla spiaggia.

I like building sandcastles on the beach.

Ho trovato un po' di sabbia nella scarpa.

I found some sand in my shoe.

La sabbia si deposita gradualmente sul fondo del mare.

The sand gradually settles on the seabed.

Abbiamo camminato sulla sabbia bagnata dalla marea.

We walked on the sand wet from the tide.

Il vento ha spazzato via la sabbia dalla strada.

The wind swept the sand off the road.

La sabbia si era accumulata negli angoli della stanza.

The sand had accumulated in the corners of the room.

Dopo la tempesta, la spiaggia era coperta di sabbia e alghe.

After the storm, the beach was covered in sand and seaweed.

Le dune di sabbia si estendono per chilometri lungo la costa.

The sand dunes stretch for kilometers along the coast.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun "sabbia" translates to "sand" in English. It refers to the granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles, with a grain size between 0.0625 mm and 2 mm.

Sabbia is commonly found on beaches, deserts, riverbeds, and other areas where erosion or weathering has occurred. It is formed through the gradual breakdown of larger rocks and minerals over time.

In Italy, sabbia is particularly important due to the country's extensive coastline and numerous coastal resorts. The sandy beaches attract tourists from all over the world, making it a vital part of Italy's tourism industry.

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