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"salire" Italian translation




to go up, ascend, or climb

Part of speech



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Meaning: to go up, to climb

Ho salito le scale.

I climbed the stairs.

Meaning: to rise, to increase

Il prezzo del petrolio è salito.

The price of oil has risen.

Meaning: to get on, to board

Saliamo sull'autobus.

Let's get on the bus.

Meaning: to mount, to assemble

Ho salito il mobile da solo.

I assembled the furniture by myself.

Meaning: to upload, to post

Ho appena salito una foto su Instagram.

I just uploaded a photo on Instagram.



  • io salgo
  • tu sali
  • lui/lei sale
  • noi saliamo
  • voi salite
  • loro salgono


  • io sono salito/a
  • tu sei salito/a
  • lui/lei è salito/a
  • noi siamo saliti/e
  • voi siete saliti/e
  • loro sono saliti/e


  • io salirò
  • tu salirai
  • lui/lei salirà
  • noi saremo saliti/e
  • voi sarete saliti/e
  • loro saranno saliti/e


  • io ero salito/a
  • tu eri salito/a
  • lui/lei era salito/a
  • noi eravamo saliti/e
  • voi eravate saliti/e
  • loro erano saliti/e

Simple Past

  • io salii
  • tu salisti
  • lui/lei salì
  • noi salimmo
  • voi saliste
  • loro salirono


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A1: Io salgo le scale.

A1: I climb the stairs.

A1: Lei sale sull'autobus.

A1: She gets on the bus.

A2: Noi saliamo sulla montagna.

A2: We climb the mountain.

B1: Lui è salito sul palco e ha iniziato a cantare.

B1: He went up on stage and started singing.

B1: Voi sarete saliti sull'aereo quando arriveremo.

B1: You will have boarded the plane by the time we arrive.

B2: Quando sono arrivato, il treno era già salito.

B2: When I arrived, the train had already departed.

C1: Dopo che avranno salito la bandiera, inizierà la cerimonia.

C1: After they raise the flag, the ceremony will begin.

C1: Se fossi salito prima, ti avrei aiutato con i bagagli.

C1: If you had gotten on earlier, I would have helped you with your luggage.

C2: Avessi salito quella montagna, avrei conquistato una sfida personale.

C2: If I had climbed that mountain, I would have achieved a personal challenge.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'salire' is an Italian word that means 'to go up', 'ascend', or 'climb'. It is a regular -ire verb and belongs to the second conjugation group. This means that it follows a specific pattern of conjugation in different tenses and moods.

Salire can be used in various contexts. For example, you can use it when talking about physically going up or climbing something, such as stairs, mountains, or ladders. It can also be used metaphorically to express the idea of progressing or advancing in a situation or hierarchy.

It's important to note that 'salire' is an intransitive verb, which means it doesn't require a direct object. However, it can be combined with prepositions to indicate the destination or purpose of the ascent.

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