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Meaning: shoe

Ho comprato una nuova scarpa.

I bought a new shoe.

Meaning: slipper

Mi piace indossare le scarpe da casa.

I like wearing slippers at home.

Meaning: sneaker

Le scarpe da ginnastica sono comode per fare sport.

Sneakers are comfortable for doing sports.

Meaning: boot

Indosso gli stivali quando piove.

I wear boots when it rains.

Meaning: heel

Le scarpe con il tacco alto sono eleganti.

High-heeled shoes are elegant.


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A1: Ho comprato una nuova scarpa.

A1: I bought a new shoe.

A1: Le mie scarpe sono troppo strette.

A1: My shoes are too tight.

A1: La scarpa è sul pavimento.

A1: The shoe is on the floor.

B1: Ho bisogno di un paio di scarpe nuove per l'estate.

B1: I need a new pair of shoes for the summer.

B1: Mia madre mi ha regalato una bellissima scarpa di marca.

B1: My mother gave me a beautiful designer shoe as a gift.

B2: Mi piacerebbe provare quelle scarpe prima di comprarle.

B2: I would like to try on those shoes before buying them.

C1: Dopo aver camminato per ore, le mie scarpe erano completamente consumate.

C1: After walking for hours, my shoes were completely worn out.

C1: Ho dovuto portare le mie scarpe al calzolaio per farle riparare.

C1: I had to take my shoes to the cobbler to get them repaired.

C2: Nonostante il dolore ai piedi, ho continuato a ballare tutta la notte senza togliermi le scarpe.

C2: Despite the pain in my feet, I kept dancing all night without taking off my shoes.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'scarpa' translates to 'shoe' in English. It refers to a type of footwear that is worn on the feet to protect them and provide comfort while walking or running.

In Italy, scarpe (plural form of scarpa) are an essential part of everyday life and fashion. Italians take great pride in their shoes and are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and stylish designs. From elegant leather dress shoes to trendy sneakers, there is a wide variety of scarpe available for different occasions and preferences.

Scarpe can be made from various materials such as leather, suede, fabric, or synthetic materials. They come in different styles including flats, heels, boots, sandals, and athletic shoes. Scarpa sizes are typically measured using the European shoe size system, which may differ from other international sizing standards.

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