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Scatola is an Italian noun that translates to 'box' in English.

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Meaning: box

Ho ricevuto una scatola di cioccolatini per il mio compleanno.

I received a box of chocolates for my birthday.

Meaning: case

Ho bisogno di una scatola per proteggere il mio computer portatile durante il viaggio.

I need a case to protect my laptop while traveling.

Meaning: crate

Abbiamo comprato una scatola di arance fresche dal mercato.

We bought a crate of fresh oranges from the market.

Meaning: tin

Ho aperto una scatola di tonno per preparare un panino.

I opened a tin of tuna to make a sandwich.

Meaning: can

Per favore, metti la lattina nella scatola della raccolta differenziata.

Please put the can in the recycling bin.


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A1: Ho una scatola di cioccolatini.

A1: I have a box of chocolates.

A1: La scatola è rossa.

A1: The box is red.

A1: Metti il regalo nella scatola.

A1: Put the gift in the box.

B1: Ho trovato una vecchia scatola di fotografie nel mio armadio.

B1: I found an old box of photographs in my closet.

B1: Mia madre ha aperto la scatola e ha mostrato i gioielli che conteneva.

B1: My mother opened the box and showed the jewelry it contained.

B2: Ho comprato una scatola di fazzoletti per l'influenza.

B2: I bought a box of tissues for the flu.

C1: La scatola era stata sigillata da anni quando l'ho aperta.

C1: The box had been sealed for years when I opened it.

C1: Ha messo tutti i suoi ricordi preziosi in una scatola e l'ha nascosta nel suo rifugio segreto.

C1: He put all his precious memories in a box and hid it in his secret hideout.

C2: Dopo aver terminato il puzzle, ho smontato tutte le sue parti e le ho riposte nella scatola.

C2: After finishing the puzzle, I disassembled all its parts and put them back in the box.

Advanced Description

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Scatola is a common word in the Italian language and refers to a container made of cardboard, wood, metal or plastic which can be used for storing or transporting items. It is often rectangular in shape and has a lid that can be opened and closed. Scatole can come in various sizes, from small ones used for packaging jewelry or electronics, to large ones used for shipping goods.

In addition to its practical uses, scatola also has cultural significance in Italy. For example, during Christmas time it is common to exchange gifts with family and friends using beautifully wrapped scatole. These boxes are often decorated with festive designs and ribbons, making them an important part of the holiday tradition.

Overall, scatola is a versatile word that plays an important role in both everyday life and cultural traditions in Italy. Whether you need to store your belongings or wrap a gift, scatola is the go-to word for all things box-related.

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