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Scuola is an Italian noun that translates to school in English. It refers to an educational institution where students receive formal instruction and training from teachers or professors.

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Meaning: school (educational institution)

Vado a scuola tutti i giorni.

I go to school every day.

Meaning: school (group of fish or dolphins)

Ho visto una scuola di pesci nel mare.

I saw a school of fish in the sea.

Meaning: school (style or method of thought)

La scuola di pensiero più diffusa è il positivismo.

The most widespread school of thought is positivism.

Meaning: school (group of artists or writers)

La scuola impressionista ha avuto un grande impatto sull'arte moderna.

The Impressionist school had a great impact on modern art.


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A1: Vado a scuola ogni mattina.

A1: I go to school every morning.

A1: La mia scuola è grande e moderna.

A1: My school is big and modern.

A1: Ho un compito di matematica da fare per la scuola.

A1: I have a math assignment to do for school.

B1: Mia sorella frequenta una scuola di musica.

B1: My sister attends a music school.

B1: Durante l'estate, ho frequentato un corso di lingua nella scuola di italiano.

B1: During the summer, I attended an Italian language course at the Italian school.

B2: Ho studiato molto per gli esami finali della scuola superiore.

B2: I studied a lot for the final exams of high school.

C1: Dopo aver terminato la scuola, ho deciso di iscrivermi all'università.

C1: After finishing school, I decided to enroll in university.

C1: Durante il mio anno sabbatico, ho viaggiato in diversi paesi invece di andare a scuola.

C1: During my gap year, I traveled to different countries instead of going to school.

C2: La scuola della vita mi ha insegnato molte lezioni preziose.

C2: The school of life has taught me many valuable lessons.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, scuola is a fundamental part of the education system, with mandatory schooling for children between the ages of 6 and 16. The scuola primaria, or primary school, covers the first five years of schooling, while the scuola secondaria di primo grado, or lower secondary school, covers the next three years. After completing this stage, students can choose to attend the scuola secondaria di secondo grado, or upper secondary school, which prepares them for university or vocational training.

The scuola has played a significant role in Italian history and culture. In medieval times, schools were often attached to monasteries and cathedrals and focused on religious education. During the Renaissance, humanist scholars established new schools that emphasized classical studies and the liberal arts. Today, Italian schools continue to prioritize a well-rounded education that includes language, literature, math, science, history, and art.

While the scuola system has its challenges - such as overcrowded classrooms and funding shortages - it remains a cornerstone of Italian society. It provides young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life and contributes to the country's cultural heritage. Whether attending a public or private scuola, Italian students have access to a rich educational experience that shapes their future and helps them become responsible citizens.

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