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Scuro is an Italian adjective that means dark or deep in color, lacking brightness or lightness.

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Meaning: dark (color)

Il cielo è scuro di notte.

The sky is dark at night.

Meaning: dark (lack of light)

La stanza era così scura che non riuscivo a vedere nulla.

The room was so dark that I couldn't see anything.

Meaning: dark (evil or mysterious)

Quel film è molto scuro e inquietante.

That movie is very dark and disturbing.

Meaning: dark (intense or strong)

Ho bevuto un caffè molto scuro stamattina.

I had a very dark coffee this morning.

Meaning: dark (depressing or gloomy)

Dopo la sua morte, l'atmosfera in casa era diventata molto scura.

After his death, the atmosphere at home became very dark.


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A1: Ho comprato un vestito scuro.

I bought a dark dress.

A1: La stanza è troppo scura, accendi la luce.

The room is too dark, turn on the light.

A1: Il cielo era scuro e minaccioso.

The sky was dark and threatening.

B1: Ho trovato un angolo scuro dove nascondermi.

I found a dark corner to hide in.

B1: La situazione sta diventando sempre più scura.

The situation is getting darker and darker.

B2: Non riesco a vedere nulla nella stanza buia.

I can't see anything in the dark room.

C1: L'ombra scura del passato continua a tormentarmi.

The dark shadow of the past continues to haunt me.

C1: La verità scura di quella notte rimase nascosta per anni.

The dark truth of that night remained hidden for years.

C2: La prospettiva di un futuro scuro mi spaventa.

The prospect of a dark future scares me.

Advanced Description

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The word scuro is often used to describe colors that are deep and intense, such as a rich shade of red or a dark blue. It can also be used to describe the absence of light, such as in a dimly lit room or a shadowy alleyway. In both cases, the word conveys a sense of darkness and depth.

In addition to its literal meaning, scuro can also be used figuratively to describe something that is obscure or mysterious. For example, a person with a secretive personality might be described as having a scuro character. Similarly, a complex problem that is difficult to understand might be referred to as scuro.

Overall, the word scuro is a versatile adjective that can be used to describe a wide range of things, from colors and lighting to personalities and concepts. Its meaning is rooted in the idea of darkness and depth, conveying a sense of richness and complexity.

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