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Meaning: chair

Mi siedo sulla sedia.

I sit on the chair.

Meaning: seat

La sedia accanto a me è libera.

The seat next to me is free.

Meaning: stool

Ho comprato uno sgabello per la cucina.

I bought a stool for the kitchen.

Meaning: throne

Il re si sedette sul suo trono d'oro.

The king sat on his golden throne.

Meaning: pulpit

Il prete parlava dal pulpito della chiesa.

The priest was speaking from the pulpit of the church.


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A1: La sedia è di legno.

A1: The chair is made of wood.

A1: Ho bisogno di una sedia per sedermi.

A1: I need a chair to sit on.

A1: Metti la sedia accanto al tavolo.

A1: Put the chair next to the table.

B1: Mi sono seduto sulla sedia e ho iniziato a lavorare.

B1: I sat down on the chair and started working.

B1: La sedia che ho comprato ieri è molto comoda.

B1: The chair I bought yesterday is very comfortable.

B2: Mentre ero seduto sulla sedia, mi sono reso conto di aver dimenticato il telefono a casa.

B2: While I was sitting on the chair, I realized that I had forgotten my phone at home.

C1: Dopo aver lavorato tutto il giorno, mi sono rilassato sulla mia sedia preferita.

C1: After working all day, I relaxed on my favorite chair.

C1: La sedia antica che ho ereditato da mio nonno ha un grande valore affettivo per me.

C1: The antique chair that I inherited from my grandfather has great sentimental value to me.

C2: La sedia ergonomica che ho comprato mi ha aiutato a migliorare la mia postura e ridurre il mal di schiena.

C2: The ergonomic chair I bought helped me improve my posture and reduce back pain.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'sedia' is an Italian noun that translates to 'chair' in English. It refers to a piece of furniture designed for one person to sit on, typically having a back and four legs.

In Italian culture, the sedia holds great importance as it is not only a functional item but also a symbol of hospitality and social gatherings. It is commonly used in homes, restaurants, and other public spaces as a seating option.

The design and style of sedie can vary greatly, ranging from traditional wooden chairs to modern and contemporary designs made from different materials such as metal, plastic, or fabric. Some sedie may also have armrests or cushions for added comfort.

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