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Sembrare is an Italian verb that means 'to seem' or 'to appear'. It is used to express the impression or perception that something gives, without necessarily implying that it is true or real.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to seem

Mi sembra che sia una buona idea.

It seems to me like a good idea.

Meaning: to appear

Sembra un giorno molto bello oggi.

It appears to be a very nice day today.

Meaning: to look like

Quella casa sembra un castello.

That house looks like a castle.

Meaning: to resemble

Tuo fratello sembra molto tuo padre.

Your brother resembles your father a lot.

Meaning: to give the impression

La sua risposta sembra di no.

His answer gives the impression of being no.



  • sembro
  • sembri
  • sembra
  • sembramo
  • sembrate
  • sembrano


  • sembravo
  • sembravi
  • sembrava
  • sembravamo
  • sembravate
  • sembravano


  • semblerò
  • semblerai
  • semblerà
  • sembleremo
  • semblerete
  • sembleranno


  • avevo sembrato
  • avevi sembrato
  • aveva sembrato
  • avevamo sembrato
  • avevate sembrato
  • avevano sembrato

Simple Past

  • sempreai
  • sempreasti
  • sempreò
  • sempreammo
  • sempreaste
  • semprearono


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A1: Sembra che piova oggi.

It seems like it's going to rain today.

A1: Mi sembra un ragazzo simpatico.

He seems like a nice guy to me.

A2: Non sembra molto interessato al discorso.

He doesn't seem very interested in the conversation.

B1: Mi sembrava di conoscerlo da qualche parte.

It seemed like I knew him from somewhere.

B1: Sembri stanco, hai bisogno di riposare.

You seem tired, you need to rest.

B2: Sembrerà strano, ma è la verità.

It may seem strange, but it's the truth.

C1: Mi sarebbe sembrato più giusto se avessero vinto.

It would have seemed fairer to me if they had won.

C1: Sembra che tu abbia ragione, ma non sono d'accordo.

It seems like you're right, but I don't agree.

C2: Se mi fossi sembrato sospetto, avrebbero indagato su di me.

If I had seemed suspicious, they would have investigated me.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Sembrare is a very common and versatile verb in Italian, used in many different contexts. For example, it can be used to describe the appearance of someone or something, as in 'Mi sembra stanco' (He seems tired) or 'Questa casa sembra vecchia' (This house looks old).

It can also be used to express doubt or uncertainty, as in 'Non mi sembra una buona idea' (It doesn't seem like a good idea to me) or 'Mi sembra strano che non sia qui' (It seems strange to me that he's not here). In these cases, sembrare is often followed by a subordinate clause introduced by che.

Finally, it can be used to express empathy or sympathy towards someone else's feelings or situation, as in 'Mi sembra giusto che tu abbia bisogno di aiuto' (It seems right that you need help) or 'Mi sembra di capirti' (I feel like I understand you). In this sense, sembrare can convey a sense of understanding or validation.

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