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Meaning: seed

Ho piantato dei semi nel mio giardino.

I planted some seeds in my garden.

Meaning: sperm

Gli spermatozoi sono i gameti maschili.

Sperm cells are male gametes.

Meaning: germ

Il seme del virus si è diffuso rapidamente.

The germ of the virus spread quickly.

Meaning: core

La mela ha un seme al centro.

The apple has a core in the center.

Meaning: essence

La poesia cattura il seme dell'amore.

The poem captures the essence of love.


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A1: Ho piantato dei semi nel mio giardino.

A1: I planted some seeds in my garden.

A1: Il seme di questa pianta è molto piccolo.

A1: The seed of this plant is very small.

A1: Hai mai mangiato semi di girasole?

A1: Have you ever eaten sunflower seeds?

B1: Questo albero produce molti semi ogni anno.

B1: This tree produces many seeds every year.

B1: Dovremmo seminare il prato per farlo crescere rigoglioso.

B1: We should sow the lawn to make it grow lush.

B2: Mia madre mi ha insegnato a fare la pasta con il seme di grano duro.

B2: My mother taught me how to make pasta with durum wheat semolina.

C1: La diffusione del seme avviene principalmente attraverso il vento o gli animali.

C1: Seed dispersal mainly occurs through wind or animals.

C1: Per ottenere una buona germinazione, i semi devono essere posti in un ambiente adatto.

C1: To achieve good germination, the seeds must be placed in a suitable environment.

C2: La banca del seme conserva una vasta collezione di varietà genetiche vegetali.

C2: The seed bank preserves a vast collection of plant genetic varieties.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'seme' translates to 'seed' in English. It refers to the small, embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering. Seeds are essential for the reproduction and propagation of plants.

In addition to being used in agriculture and horticulture, seeds have various other applications. They are used in the production of food products such as oils, flours, and spices. Seeds also play a significant role in the field of genetics and research.

Seeds come in different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the type of plant they originate from. They can be dispersed by wind, water, animals, or humans. Some seeds require specific conditions to germinate, while others can remain dormant until favorable conditions arise.

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