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Sempre is an Italian adverb that means 'always' or 'forever'. It is used to indicate a continuous or uninterrupted action, state, or condition.

Part of speech



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Meaning: always

Lui sempre arriva in ritardo.

He always arrives late.

Meaning: constantly

Il bambino piange sempre quando ha fame.

The baby constantly cries when he's hungry.

Meaning: forever

Saremo sempre amici.

We will be friends forever.

Meaning: continuously

La musica è sempre troppo alta in questo locale.

The music is continuously too loud in this club.

Meaning: regularly

Vado sempre al cinema il sabato sera.

I regularly go to the movies on Saturday night.


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A1: Vado sempre al lavoro in autobus.

I always go to work by bus.

A1: Mia madre cucina sempre la pasta al pomodoro.

My mother always cooks tomato pasta.

A1: Marco studia sempre prima degli esami.

Marco always studies before exams.

B1: Sono sempre stata appassionata di musica.

I have always been passionate about music.

B1: Lavoro qui da sempre, conosco tutti i colleghi.

I have worked here forever, I know all my colleagues.

B1: Ho sempre voluto visitare il Giappone, ma non ho ancora avuto l'occasione.

I have always wanted to visit Japan, but I haven't had the chance yet.

C1: Nonostante le difficoltà, ha sempre mantenuto la sua integrità morale.

Despite the difficulties, he has always maintained his moral integrity.

C1: La sua passione per la fotografia è sempre cresciuta nel corso degli anni.

His passion for photography has always grown over the years.

C1: Dopo aver vissuto all'estero per diversi anni, ho capito che la mia patria sarà sempre l'Italia.

After living abroad for several years, I realized that my homeland will always be Italy.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, sempre is a very common and versatile word. It can be used in many different contexts and with various parts of speech, such as verbs, adjectives, and nouns. For example, you can say 'sempre felice' (always happy), 'sempre più difficile' (increasingly difficult), or 'sempre il migliore' (always the best).

One important thing to note about sempre is that it usually comes before the verb in a sentence. However, it can also come after the verb for emphasis or poetic effect. In addition, sempre can be combined with other words to create compound expressions, such as 'sempre e comunque' (always and anyway) or 'sempre di più' (more and more).

Overall, sempre is a fundamental word in Italian that expresses continuity, permanence, and constancy. Whether you are talking about love, work, or daily life, sempre can help you convey the idea of something that never changes or that happens all the time.

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